George W. Obama — Current Crisis of Revelation Spotlights Similarities Between Two Presidencies

If you want to get technical, the only thing you can really find to differentiate between the presidencies of one George W. Bush and Barack Obama so far is Obamacare and Monsanto.  That’s right, the controversial health care initiative and the even more controversial free licensing to a GMO company to use American citizens as its guinea pigs without any chance of recourse is all Obama has done that is not in accordance with his hated predecessor.  A photo from The Huffington Post has combined images to make what many are calling George W. Obama.  What do you think?  Is Obama following a similar path as his predecessor, at least where privacy and government surveillance are concerned?  Or could it be that the President doesn’t really call the shots on this sort of thing?  Hmm…now there’s a crazy theory.


2 thoughts on “George W. Obama — Current Crisis of Revelation Spotlights Similarities Between Two Presidencies”

  1. For some reason (I am caucasian) I trust Obama. I find his presence, his speeches (lies they may be full of) very comforting.
    While I found Bush to have the attitude of being born with a silver spoon in his mouth – every time I saw his face in the media, I just wanted to slap it.

    1. So you find comfort in lies? -well I guess, admitting you have been brainwashed is a start.. Might I suggest you turn off the TV and begin reading older human history books so you can start thinking for yourself again… They don’t call the TV programming for nothing!!! If not, then just follow the POTUS comforting lies like a sheep to your own slaughter… How exactly did 6-10 armed soldiers get 1500 Jews into a rail car and off to their death by gas chamber? Comforting lies… Lies.. Lies..

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