Did the Clintons Force Barack Obama to Agree to Endorse Hillary for President in 2016?

The book is called The Amateur:  Barack Obama in the White House.  At first glance, we have to say it’s kind of a funny title.  After all, since you can’t actually be President for the first time more than once, it’s safe to say that all Presidents begin as amateurs.  The reason for the controversial title is related to the author, Edward Klein, attributing a quote to one former President Bill Clinton before Obama took office.  Here it is now.  Remember, this quote is according to Klein, so whether you believe Bill really said this depends on your assessment of the trustworthiness of the source.  We believed that it is a perfectly reasonable thing for Clinton to have said, being that his wife and Barack Obama had been locked into a bitter, long struggle for the Democratic nomination.  As a matter of fact, when Bill Clinton came out and gave Obama a true, heartfelt endorsement, some people were surprised because he was obviously disappointed that his wife wasn’t able to beat out “The Amateur.”  Anyway, here’s the quote that inspired the book title.

I have no relationship with the president — none whatsoever.  Obama doesn’t know how to be president.  He doesn’t know how the world works.  He’s incompetent.  He’s amateur!”

The book is making waves in the political (and conspiracy for that matter) community because it also asserts that Bill Clinton withheld the endorsement until he got Barack Obama to agree to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016.  You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Can you believe these two gentlemen could be lying right to our face?  No way!
Can you believe these two gentlemen could be lying right to our face? No way!

So, let’s get to our take.  One thing we have to point out is that if this is true, then it means that endorsements are about as valuable to the voting public as a s**t-stained piece of toilet paper.  So much is made of endorsements by big-time political figures, but, here, even when they are supposedly “out of the limelight,” the same wheeling and dealing that we associate with these sorts of people continues.  So, when President Clinton was singing Barry’s praises at the DNC, he was lying to your face.  Just as much as he was when he told you he didn’t have sex with “that woman.”  Lies, lies, deceit, and more lies.  The real crime here is why the American voting public puts any stock in any of this whatsoever.  Here is just another prime example of why you can’t believe either party at any time, even if they are in retirement.

Having said all of that, it’s all in the game, you know.  This is typical politics.  Clinton offered to put his name out there to rally the party behind Obama so he could get something in return.  What’s new?  No scandal here.  It just means that Barack Obama will have to return the favor in a few years by endorsing a political figure, regardless of whether he personally believes in her as a valid candidate or not.

It is kind of interesting to see what happens, though.  One would think that Obama would be more likely to endorse his Vice President Joe Biden in what is a fairly customary exchange.  If Biden and Clinton both run, we’ll probably find out just how accurate Klein is in this book, because if Obama puts his support behind Clinton against Biden, that would be a pretty damning confirmation of the allegations in this book.  Also, another interesting way of looking at it:  if this is true and Obama decided to go back on his promise and not endorse Hillary, what would happen then?  The Clintons have a long history of getting what they want.  Ever heard of the Clinton Body Bags?  Barack better watch his back if he decides to pull a switcheroo on Bill and Hillary.

So, in closing, we leave you with this inspiring message.  Politicians lie.  All the time.  To your face.  You don’t say?  This is not really news or evidence of anything.  It’s more like someone confirming what we already knew to be true.