College Girls Arrested for Buying Water — Felony Charges?

So, let’s paint a picture here, shall we?  You a young petite college girl and you just went into your local department/grocery store to buy some groceries.  You and your equally petite young friend pick up your few items and head for the checkouts.  You buy, among other things, a twelve-pack of canned bottle water.  They don’t put in a bag, as is customary for that product, and you are walking out to the parking lot.  You find your vehicle, proceed to put your groceries in the car when five husky men and one woman bum rush you.

The ABC Board is really cracking down on carbonation.
The ABC Board is really cracking down on carbonation.

You jump in the car, not sure what is going on.  Then, they start trying to break your windows.  Order you out of the car.  Pull a gun.  Jump on your hood.

What do you do?

If you are Elizabeth Daly, a student at The University of Virginia, you get the hell out of there.  That’s what she did.  All of the assailants turned out to be Alcohol Beverage Control agents who mistakenly thought that her twelve-pack of sparkling water looked more like a twelve-pack of beer.  So, the normal reaction for the ABC agents when this happens is to pull their guns and jump on the car.

A chase ensued and Ms. Daly apologized profusely, but they still arrested her and charged her with several felony offenses.  She sat in jail for all of one night before they realized how sh**ty this would look and dropped all charges.

So, as usual, what was basically a misunderstanding becomes a rug for things to get swept under.  The public is like, “Oh that’s funny…they thought she had beer and it was just water and she overreacted.”  In reality, you should be saying “Why the hell would they pull out their guns over a twelve-pack of beer?”

Oh, the quirky ins and outs of living in a modern-day police state.