Chris Brown Accused of Assault of Female — Incorrigible?

Well, everyone that doesn’t live in a well knows about musician Chris Brown’s “indiscretion” when he decided it was a good idea to straighten out his then-girlfriend super-famous Rihanna by laying hands on her.  And everyone watched the drama as he survived the court-ordered separation, each of us knowing full well that they would be at it again.  Now, after a very public and ugly second split, we were just breathing a sigh of relief that at least this time Rihanna didn’t get another Chris Brown beat-down.  But if you were proud of him for showing some restraint this time, it may have been short-lived.

This is not a "whoopsie" Mr. Brown!
This is not a “whoopsie” Mr. Brown!

Now, the entertainer who has spent most of his career trying to desperately emulate Michael Jackson is in trouble again.  Apparently, a 24-year-old woman has accused him of yet another physical assault after one of his concerts, and apparently she was hurt bad enough that doctors think she’ll have to have major surgery to repair damaged ligaments.  That doesn’t sound like a fist job; looks like Chris Brown introduced her to his friend Mr. Concrete.  Anyway, of course, Chris Brown and his representatives know nothing about it and say that he was in a wonderful mood after the show.

So, before we go any further in trying to analyze whether Chris Brown just has a thing for beating women, let’s set him against the backdrop of history.  Unfortunately, the music industry is littered with some very famous names that also had an occasional (or not so occasional, in some instances) penchant for striking women if it became necessary.  How many of them saw their careers irreparably damaged by it?  Well, let’s see.  James Brown, anyone?  How about Rick James?  Jackson Browne?  Hell, even John Lennon managed to get in a situation like this.  Ike Turner is, of course, the domestic violence ringleader.  But you want to know why all of these artists went on to still be well-respected icons in their genres of music despite having been in a domestic violence situation against a female?  Well, whether they meant it or not, and whether they even stopped doing it or not (see Ike Turner), all of these men at least publicly demonstrated remorse for their actions to the point that the general public, and more importantly, their female fans, forgave them.

But wait, you say…Chris Brown apologized, right?  He did, but it was bought by absolutely no one.  He then spent the next couple of years almost walking around like showing Rihanna’s 130 pounds who was boss was some sort of badge of honor.  He actually tried to turn it around and make it like his career was the real victim here.  He wasn’t apologetic or remorseful; he almost seemed like he had gained street cred from the whole ordeal.

This new incident will probably not get that far.  Rihanna was an international superstar when Chris Brown attacked her, so that wasn’t going to get swept under the rug.  There wasn’t a money issue there; if Rihanna had a problem with Brown, no amount of cash was going to make a difference in her following it through to the end.  In this case, expect it to fade out of the limelight as Brown’s people negotiate some astronomical sum to make this woman agree to go away quietly and come to appreciate the comfortable lifestyle that a little domestic violence has afforded her.  There will be no criminal charges, and the story will barely be reported in the media once they latch onto the next silly story to promote their own agenda.  But what does it mean for Chris Brown when no one is looking and the glitz and glamour is gone?  Does this man get off on hitting women?  Does it make him feel like a man to set a woman in her place with his fists?  Or does he simply have a temper problem?

Maybe if we just once heard of him dishing with a man, then maybe we could say he just gets out of control.  But no…he doesn’t seem to get out of control when there’s a chance of retribution coming back at him.  What’s your problem, Chris?  You’re rich, talented…you had almost climbed your way out of the gutter from the Rihanna fallout, but now we see that no lesson has been learned.

What do you think?  Is Chris Brown incorrigible?  Will he eventually harm someone to the next level?  Murder?  Rage?  The question bears asking at this point.