Catholic Priests Pimping Little Boys? Vatican Rentboys — It just Gets Worse and Worse

With all of the hard work that Pope Francis has been doing to restore some faith in the Vatican for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, still there comes along a story that just throws another menacing storm cloud over the Catholic Church.  A new report indicates that the Italian authorities are investigating a priest or priests running a ring of “rentboys.”  That means basically that the priests were pimping out little boys and that other priests knew where to come for a quick fix when they needed one.

Sounds pretty bad?  Well there is a bright side…the boys were paid for their sexual acts.  So, according to these reports, the Vatican actually has little boy prostitutes in its service.

Vatican St. Pieter Basisschool
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We’ve addressed the problems with Catholic priests and the whole child molestation thing many times before here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  We feel strongly that there is some connection with celibacy and these monstrous acts, although we don’t know exactly how that relationship works.  What is always frightening about reports like this is that it indicates that it might be even more widespread of a practice than we already thought.  It’s sufficiently more dramatic to think that priests regularly call the pimp for a Vatican rent boy than to think that they just were overcome with some sort of emotion when they were around a little boy and jumped on him.  Or is it?  Oh wait…it’s all disgusting, immoral, anti-Christian, and completely impossible for a normal human being that does not think it is a good idea to molest young children to understand.

On the bright side, we feel that there are probably hundreds upon hundreds of good Catholic priests that would never dream of touching a little boy in a million years.  What is a shame is that all of those good ones will always be regarded with suspicion by the outside world because of the reputation damage that has already been done by others in their shared religious profession.

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  1. Ther eis a big problem in Europe with refugees from eaastern Europe due to economic conditions. Eg in Copenhagen walking home at night last year while on vaction, I was many times approached by women looking for sex for money= they cant work there because they are illegal immigrants

    There is as we read an even bigger problem in the church – little kids being pimped to sex starved priests. the catholic church didnt get renamed

    Chruch of the endless hidden molestation of children by its sex starved not normal celibacy priests.

    And the hiding of these vile crimes make us all shudder.

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