Britain Closed UFO Division Because It Cost Too Much — Huge Jump in Reported Sightings in Recent Years

Britain’s Ministry of Defense made international headlines Friday when they released the last of decades of documents about UFO sightings and finally an explanation why it closed down the UFO division last year.  According to the British government, the UFO division became too costly to maintain because there were huge jumps in UFO sighting reports in recent years, with it doubling between 2008 and 2009.  The decision to close the division was based on the costs of keeping up with the spike in activity and what the ministry refers to as a lack of defensive benefit.  Basically, it cost too much, and they didn’t feel that any danger was being averted because of it, so they shut the doors.

The mystery of Stonehenge in conjunction with UFO's has made more many, many sightings in the area over the years.
The mystery of Stonehenge in conjunction with UFO’s has made more many, many sightings in the area over the years.

So, where’s the red flag for conspiracy theorists?  You probably noticed it above.  UFO sightings are up and growing by the day.  So, it makes it appear that the British ministry wants to make it all go away by simply ignoring it.  However, if you really think about it, there is some credence to what they said in this case (believe us, it pains us to say that about a government agency, but it’s true this time).  Think about the time frames.  Whether or not you believe in UFO’s is beside the point.  In this day and age where everyone has a 1080p HD full-motion video camera in their hip pocket, it’s only natural that there will be more sightings.  People are more apt to report a sighting when they can prove it, and now, thanks to the smartphone revolution, people are capturing UFO’s on film all of the time.  Is every one legitimate?  Of course not.  But the number of reports is skyrocketing because people simply have the tools they need to make such reports.  Just ten years ago, cell phones were common, but video cameras…not so much.  Even still photographs on cameras weren’t all that great back then.  The concept of being able to make high-quality movies on a second’s notice is still relatively new, and this is probably an example of how some things have changed as a result of the technology that is now so accessible to the general public.

While we are pretty adamantly against trusting government agencies, the ministry here seems to be as transparent as any comparable agency we’ve seen before.  You certainly won’t see any branch of the United States government releasing sensitive data.  But there’s always that caveat:  how do we know that what they are putting out is the watered down stuff and the real stuff is still being kept under lock and key?  It’s a good question, and we can’t possibly know the answer.  But don’t let the sharp rise of UFO reports phase you.  This phenomenon is going on all over the world.  We see it all the time here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  A new YouTube sensation of a UFO sighting is almost a daily occurrence.  So, as always, we don’t want to read too much into one piece of information without considering its place and context in the whole.