Bilderberg Conference Commences in Switzerland — Protests Ignored As Usual

This year’s version of the elite Bilderberg Conference is underway.  This time, they have descended on the Swiss St. Moritz ski station. Inside the 5-star Suvretta House Hotel (pictured below), a who’s who of international power players are gathered to debate and discuss world issues under the veil of paranoid secrecy.

As is the custom, security was beyond tight, and there have been reports that security agents even swept St. Mortitz, forcing ordinary citizens to prove their identity just because the heavy hitters were coming to their neighborhood.  Just another day of forcing their will onto unsuspecting citizens of planet Earth for the Bilderbergers.  Nothing to see here.

Bilderberg descends on St. Moritz.
Bilderberg descends on St. Moritz.

Realistically, no one out there in conspiracy circles can really claim to know what is going on inside the Suvretta House.  There is plenty of speculation.  Some are saying that the main focus of this year’s meeting will be focused on Africa and the increasing instability that is Syria and the usual suspects in the Middle East.  Of course, anything that Bilderberg is concerning itself with will not be about brokering peace or humanitarian efforts in the reason; Bilderberg’s scope and stances revolve around how the events can help move us toward the ultimate New World Order agenda.  Instability is a word we use for things like what is happening in Syria and other nations, but to Bilderberg, that “instability” can often be a positive thing.  Rest assured that whatever is going on, it’s not a friendly meet-and-greet with friends.

The sudden leaks regarding the NSA’s PRISM program probably are an unexpected last-minute addition to the slate of topics to be discussed.  To Bilderberg, this is probably just a passing nuisance.  President Obama will shoulder the blame for something that Bilderberg as a whole is no doubt ultimately responsible for.  That’s why they have Presidents after all.  Barry, you gotta stand up and take the heat for this one.  Expect some major news event to come along and divert the average person’s attention away from NSA violations of the Constitution.  That’s how this game works, and if Bilderberg decides it’s time to shift the focus, it could be very bad news for some potential terror target in the United States or abroad.