Alex Jones Makes a Fool Out of Himself on BBC Political Show — Why We Love Him?

One of the reasons for this site’s existence is Alex Jones. Not because we were inspired by him. Or maybe. We were inspired by him actually, inspired to create a website to iron out facts and not just throw out our own form of propaganda in a purported attempt to stop the spreading of others. Alex is not all bad; he has plenty of points on his shows and writings that we would happily agree with him. But these over-the-top appearances, which serve little purpose but to make conspiracy theorists take another hit to their reputation, are only designed to grab more attention for Alex Jones. This appearance is a great example. Under the guise of spreading awareness about Bilderberg, Alex Jones is really self-servingly spreading the word about himself. In our opinion, that makes him little more than an opportunist trying to capitalize.
Whether you love Alex Jones, hate him, or think that maybe he needs to turn it down a notch or two, you have to admit the man knows how to sound the alarm.