Aaron Hernandez Makes O.J. Simpson Look Like a Criminal Mastermind — But Does It Matter?

After days of dramatic press coverage and repeated visits to his estate by police, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez finally got the ultimate perp walk treatment when he was arrested at his home this morning with paparazzi cameras that had been camped out all week rolling away.  For most of the morning, everyone was still speculating whether this was just a scare tactic or a prelude to an obstruction of justice charge, but it turned out that the authorities were able to put together a nice and tidy first-degree murder charge for Hernandez.

At his arraignment later on in the day, the prosecution explained to the judge some of the facts of the case that lead to them actually charging Mr. Hernandez with murder, and after hearing the tidbits that probably are only the surface of the case they have assembled, one thing is for sure:  Aaron Hernandez has made O.J. Simpson look like a criminal mastermind.

What's that?  Did he just pop a Bubblicious?
What’s that? Did he just pop a Bubblicious?

We all remember O.J.’s famous murder trial and the zany events leading to it.  O.J. practically gift-wrapped a conviction for the prosecution, right down to infamous white Bronco police chase.  But for all of O.J.’s bad moves in executing Nicole and Ron, compared to Aaron Hernandez, it looks like a carefully-laid Agatha Christie murder plot.  Police basically were able to use technology to identify every move Hernandez made that evening, and they even found shell casings in the car he was driving next to a bubble gum wrapper, Bubblicious to be exact, that they have him on a 7-11 camera buying that afternoon.  Honestly, it might have been a lot more convenient for everyone if Hernandez had just killed the guy in front of the police station.

Like O.J., the really puzzling thing to us at Common Sense Conspiracy is just the compulsive nature of it all.  O.J. was mad that his ex-wife was dating someone, so he gave up a charismatic, beloved, decorated, multi-millionaire lifestyle so he could stab them to death.  All O.J. had to do was not kill somebody…is that so much to ask?  Same with Hernandez.  His crime may go down as being even dumber than O.J.’s.  After all, you can make an argument that O.J. saw his ex-wife with this man and just snapped with emotion and killed them.  Hernandez killed his victim because he was “disrespected.”  Well, when the handcuffs went on and they walked him out of his mansion this morning, he began a long line of “disrespecting” that he isn’t going to be able to stop as easily.  Hernandez was the $40 million man; all he had to do was not kill somebody.  We at the CSC operate just above the poverty line and we are able to make it through the day without succumbing to the temptation of killing someone.  And believe us, we are disrespected by others plenty.  Hernandez couldn’t resist the temptation to kill someone over something stupid when he was a young very rich man with a promising career ahead catching passes from Tom Brady and most likely adding a Super Bowl to his list of accomplishments.

The way this was executed, it’s hard to believe that Hernandez even considered trying to conceal his deed really.  And yet, maybe our culture has created this sort of monster.  After all, O.J. did get away with it.  He walked out of a Los Angeles courtroom a free man after a preponderance of evidence that has even Kato Kaelin years later saying “Yep, he did it.”  After he can’t be charged with perjury, of course.  Kato showed more smarts as a criminal mastermind than O.J. and Aaron combined.

So, can Hernandez pull a Simpson?  A Ray Lewis?  Can he somehow walk away from this?  Well, he’s fighting some major obstacles.  For one thing, it’s a pretty damning case so far, and we haven’t really heard a tenth of what they are going to have before it’s all over.  Also, you can bet there were other people involved, and someone is probably going to roll over when the charges start flying…and with good reason.  A loyalty to Hernandez might have been fun when he was still the $40 million man, but right now, that loyalty doesn’t amount to much more than a free trip to prison as an accessory to murder.  There will be deals, people will roll over, and Hernandez is the big fish they want.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot.  Aaron Hernandez is not black.  He’s Puerto Rican.  There will not be a threat of riots in the streets if he  is convicted.  It will not be that hard to find a jury.  He is not anything like the charismatic product endorsing and movie acting force that O.J. Simpson was.  O.J. was known for his football theatrics first, but he had actually crossed over and became a true American celebrity to everyone.  Hernandez is known to football fans for sure, but to the average American, he is not that important and he will not have a “Trial of the Century.”  Besides, Johnny Cochran’s dead, and even if he were alive, the race card won’t be winning the day on this one.

Sorry, Aaron.  Looks like you’re in big trouble this time.  Just hate to see when bad things happen to good people, don’t you?