A Little Something Extra On Your Taco? Employee Licks Taco Shells at Taco Bell

So, this just in…apparently fast food restaurants may not be staffed with the upper echelon of society in the brains and common sense department.  A picture posted to a Facebook account showing a Taco Bell employee licking an entire stack of hard taco shells has gone viral, and the company is trying to explain how they are going to deal with the backlash.

The picture is from a California franchise, and no one really knows for sure right now who, what, where, or why.  What we do know is that it is an important time to review what we have learned from this incident.

There's no way to be much cooler than this.
There’s no way to be much cooler than this.

Let’s face it.  People don’t dream of working at Taco Bell when they are small children.  This is not anyone’s career goal.  The people that work there are often disgruntled, undereducated, and not looking at this as a permanent stop on their ascension through life.  Unless of course it is the final stop for them, in which case they are likely to be even more disgruntled.  The bottom line is that when you go to a fast food restaurant, health department scores do little to paint the picture of what it’s actually like on the taco assembly line.

Why do people think it’s funny to do nasty things to food that will be served to other people?  While it’s still not a good idea, you can kind of understand the mentality when someone does something like this to a particular order because that certain customer did something to trigger the revenge-minded action.  However, photographs like these are becoming more common.  It wasn’t that long ago that we saw a Burger King employee stomping his mud-stained shoes on some lettuce to be served on burgers.  What kind of person derives some sort of joy from this?  And why post it on Facebook or other social media sources?  They are so proud of what they are doing that they want to share it with others.  At the end of the day, the most frightening thing about instances like this is that it reminds you that the ones you hear about it are few and far between, but it’s entirely possible that this happens day in and day out across America.  How does that make you feel about your dining choices?

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