Why Those Calling for President Obama’s Resignation Are Just Plain Silly?

Could we see something like this again?  I don't think so.
Could we see something like this again? I don’t think so.

After a week of increasingly uglier scandals, there is a lot of chatter and debate on forums and websites all over about whether President Obama should consider resigning from the office of President of the United States.  Your first gut reaction to that is probably “Oh, that’s just a bunch of Republicans talking crap.”  It’s an understandable reaction, but in reality, the calls for a historic second resignation of the office are not just from the mouths of conservatives.  A lot of people in conspiracy circles are actually more independents or Libertarians, and a lot of them have raised the question as well.  So, Common Sense Conspiracy wanted to put your fears at rest (or end your hopeful excitement, as it were) by taking a realistic look at what is going on and giving our trademark dose of common sense on top of it.

President Obama will not resign from the office of President of the United States.  He will not even entertain the notion, and has at this very moment, not even once considered it with any seriousness.  But is that because he is so proud and can’t see the slippery slope that his administration is cascading down?

Well, actually the slippery slope is not that slippery.  The Benghazi incident is made out to be so damning by Republicans, but, as we detailed in our article The Truth About Benghazi Revealed, across the annals of history, this scandal doesn’t really deserve a spot on the scandal Richter Scale.  Yes, it came up during an election year, which is probably the only reason it ever was more than a silly international blurb in your local newspaper.  Other than that, there’s not much to say about it.  If anyone is going to be really feel any political effects from Benghazi, it would probably be Hillary Clinton.  But time is on her side.  President Obama’s second term of office is just getting started, and she has plenty of time to watch the Benghzi wildfire burn itself out.  Bottom line:  there’s a lot of commotion about it, but at the end of the day, not much will come of it.  The Republicans would be wise to move on to the next scandal they can trounce on.  One thing is for sure:  there will probably be another one.

Some of you on the Democratic side of the conversation are probably wagging your head to that last statement.  “Sure there will be another scandal.  The Republicans will find something to fabricate or bend to make one.”  Well, you’re right.  That’s the state of politics in our country.  But it is not at all limited to Republicans.  If the President were currently a Republican, the Democratic Party would be pulling out all the stops to bury him, just like what you’re seeing now.  You need only thumb back to George W. Bush for some prime examples.  Democrats everywhere are still mumbling about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” despite the fact that they voted with Bush to go to war with Iraq based on the same CIA intelligence that he saw.  Was it possibly a blunder?  Sure.  You can definitely make a strong argument for that.  However, to blame it on Bush and not the whole political system of the United States of America is, well, American politics.  So, it’s true.  The Republicans will find another scandal.  As a matter of fact, pound for pound, there is always a scandal going on in all presidencies, and right now, the so-called mountain of scandal against Obama is not uncommon at all.  If you could take a flashbulb snapshot at any presidency at any given moment, you will probably find that the scandal meter is not really that much higher right now than it ever was.  So, all we’re saying is that if you think a preponderance of scandal is what is going to force President Obama to throw in the towel, it’s quite possible that said preponderance doesn’t actually exist.

Other scandals, like the IRS singling out conservative groups, are being drummed up as a big mess, but President Obama has very little, if anything at all, to do with it.  Yes, it’s a little troubling that the IRS might be doing that at all, especially against the backdrop of an election year, but, hey, at the end of the day, it means maybe the IRS has a little too much of one party at the top (Obama already took care of some of that in his reaction by terminating some of the instigators).  I don’t think anyone except the most ardent Republican supporter believes that President Obama or a representative of his office visited the IRS and asked them to pull the strings.  So, once again, it’s ugly, but it’s not that ugly.  Hell, for Common Sense Conspiracy, we would say that Monsanto legislation he allowed is way more of a scandal than any of these things.

So, moving right along…President Obama would not resign, nor has any reason to do so, due to scandal.  And for those that are anxiously hoping that he will do so, have you thought this all the way through?  President Obama stepping out means Joe Biden is the new President.  Congratulations.  What if he gets wrapped up in the same firestorm that takes the President down?  Well, then, by law, you get Boehner.  That’s right.  If #1 and #2 either resign or die in office, it goes to the other side.  The House Speaker John Boehner would be the President.  Now, some Republicans might be okay with that, but most in the center-right or center-left are just as mortified at that prospect.  What if someone takes him out?  Then we get, gasp, John Kerry.  That’s right.  #4 is the Secretary of State.  So a guy that couldn’t beat George W. Bush (often referred to as The Worst President of the United States EVER) would then stumble his way into the presidency.  So, if you’re pulling for Obama to step aside, you might want to check into who is stepping in.

Of course, Joe Biden might be the most surprised of all if he suddenly became President.
Of course, Joe Biden might be the most surprised of all if he suddenly became President.

On top of all that, there is one more reason why a President Obama resignation would be disastrous, no matter how much you might personally wish to see it happen.  A resignation or impeachment of President Obama would probably set race relations in the country back fifty years instantly.  President Obama is the first black President.  He has an overwhelming majority of support from African Americans.  To see this historic occasion come to pass and then see him forced out of office (it would be interpreted that way, regardless of whether he voluntarily resigned or involuntarily was impeached) by the Republican Party (a.k.a a bunch of old white men) would probably set off the most significant racially-motivated riot that any of us currently alive has ever witnessed.

So, it might be fun to talk about.  It might be fun to debate.  But it’s completely ridiculous and silly to think for one second that the President of the United States is going to resign over any of this and with this much on the line.

If he does, we’ll close this website down.  The second it happens, and apologize to each and every one of you for wasting your time.

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  1. I still support President Obama. However, thank you for the paragraph pointing out his successors. I won’t be able to sleep at night.

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