Why the Republican Party is Banking on Benghazi — And Why It Won’t Work

Here in the last few days there has been a flurry of well-planned activity relating to the situation in Benghazi last year.  Republicans hoped that it would be just the kind of scandal that they needed to put hopeful candidate Mitt Romney over the top.  The blame game began, the investigation ensued, and President Barack Obama pulled a deft move, successfully sidestepping blame in the incident altogether.  Now, this week, there is more drama about it, and now Mike Huckabee has come out and said that this is going to end up with Obama resigning or being impeached.

benghazi-grave-mole-hillFlash back a four or five years ago.  Democrats insisted that George W. Bush’s false pretenses for the Iraq invasion were basically war crimes and he would never finish his second term.  He did, and just last week he had a nice event with his Presidential cronies when he celebrated the opening of his very own Presidential Library.

Don’t believe the Republican hype.  For better or worse, Barack Obama will finish this term.  And then he will ride off into the sunset…a billionaire’s sunset.  President Bill Clinton made some pretty good records for pay to speak at events post-presidency, but Obama will command salaries as yet unheard of.  Even superstars from the New York Yankees will be shocked by what Obama commands for a speaking engagement.  The Benghazi event is insignificant to Obama; it is more significant to Hillary Clinton, but at the end of the day, the reality is  that mainstream America simply doesn’t care.

What’s that, you say?  Did Common Sense Conspiracy just say that the average American doesn’t care about Benghazi?  Yup.  Yes, it’s tragic for the people involved and their families, but much like the Boston bombings, America moves on quickly.  If a bitter presidential election didn’t make Benghazi a real issue, nothing will.

It’s pretty simple.  If the Republican Party thinks that dredging up more Benghazi investigations will make a difference, it won’t.  Hillary Clinton will be fine.  If she wants to run for president in 2016, she’ll have no problem putting up a good showing.  Republicans forget that the Clintons have been mired in controversy for decades now.  Bill’s sordid past dealings, Whitewater, and now, Benghazi, are not going to keep America’s second most prominent “First Family” from continuing their power stranglehold if they so desire.

So, the next time Mike Huckabee starts running his mouth about how President Obama will never finish this last term, remember Bill Clinton.  Remember George W. Bush.  If they escaped unscathed (for the most part, anyway), then there is no way a silly distorted version of events in Benghazi is going to bring down the Obama administration.

That’s just silly talk.  Now, can you two parties get back to your normal business of wrecking our nation?

Bipartisan — when the two parties work together to decimate our country instead of arguing over who gets to do it first.  Bipartisan may actually be worse than what we are currently witnessing.  Imagine what this crew could accomplish to backstab the American people if they could work together.  That’s frightening.

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  1. Bingo…on all counts! I just wish there were consequences (for the politicians, not the people) for wasting so much energy on these fabricated smear campaigns.

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