Too Much Made of Simple Error? President Obama Widely Criticized for Forgetting to Salute Marine Soldier

We’ve all seen it hundreds of times in our lifetimes. The President of the United States, whomever he may be, always salutes the marines and soldiers standing guard when he passes them. In the instance chronicled in the video below, President Obama was boarding Marine One. He clearly momentarily forgets to salute the Marine standing guard and at attention. He almost instantly realizes his mistake, goes back down, and shakes hands with the soldier, clearly apologizing for his faux pas.
Now, Common Sense Conspiracy is no defender of Barack Obama. You can find many, many articles on this site that criticize his policies, analyze his decisions, and question his judgment. However, he is sometimes unfairly targeted in conspiracy circles, and we feel that this is one of those times. As we have addressed issues like this in the past, we address this one. Like the story that Obama wouldn’t put his hand on a Bible, wouldn’t put his hand across his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the completely erroneous reports that the Obama family would ban the iconic White House Christmas Tree from the premises, this is one of those things that is being blown out of proportion. Ironically enough, the main difference between this story and the ones listed above is that at least this one is actually true.
The video doesn’t lie here. It’s not taken out of context either. The President, no doubt with quite a bit on his mind, ascended into Marine One and simply forgot to salute. He then more than made up for it. People are jumping all over this as another example of him disrespecting the nation. We could probably sit around here around the CSC office and come up with a hundred ways he has indeed disrespected America, but alas, this isn’t one of them. This was a mistake.
A lot of people, especially those with a military background, insist that civilians just don’t understand how much of a disrespect this was. Well, that may be true. Soldiers probably do put a lot more emphasis on such things than the average person. But, we’d like to point out that the President didn’t just forget to salute and go on about his merry business. He came down, shook the marine’s hand, and clearly seemed to be apologizing, as much as we can tell through the body language. The act of apologizing, shaking the soldier’s hand, and coming back off of Marine One took a lot more time than the simple, dismissive salute he normally would have given, so if anything, we think Obama probably showed more respect by the way he handled the accident than he ever could have in the thousands of times he gets it right all of the time. Not to mention the fact that he just gave this marine a lifelong memory that he will no doubt cherish in the years to come.
Bottom line: criticize the President all you like. That’s what America is all about, and Common Sense Conspiracy certainly won’t be quitting it any time soon. But criticize him for something real and important, not a simple human error that, at the end of the day, hurt no one at all.