Simple Comment by Adam Levine on “The Voice” Spotlights the Land of the TwitterVerse — “I Hate This Country”

Are you ready for a patented Common Sense Conspiracy rant?  Good, we are too.

With an absolute myriad of issues to delve into, the Internet is absolutely abuzz today with people looking for the “controversial” comment made by Maroon 5 frontman (and The Voice mentor) Adam Levine on an elimination episode on Tuesday.  If you don’t know what The Voice is, it’s a another lame-duck reality show Star Search-like talent contest that has the wrinkle of the celebrity judges selecting the contestants blindly and then having to go through the predictable ups and downs of the season to try to get one of their team members to win.  The show is obviously descended from the now long line of American Idol wanna-be’s.  The Voice caught a break by having a couple of charismatic judges that basically captured America’s heart.  Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, an odd couple to say the least, are the foundation of the show and their blooming “bro-mance” is probably more responsible for the success of the show than any one of the talented singers that have appeared on it so far.

The comment was simple and to the point.  After discovering that two of his team members had been axed by the voting American public (also known as “people with nothing to do in their lives at all”), Adam Levine made the comment, off-camera, that he “hates this country.”

Chaos ensued.  The TwitterVerse exploded.  You can look out on Internet message boards, forums, and chatrooms right now, and you will see the usual responses.  Super Patriotic Guy is offended that Adam Levine would turn on the country that pays his salary and has made him rich and famous.  Super Voice Fan Lady says that obviously Levine was joking, they do it all the time for God’s sake, and this whole thing is ridiculous.  Then there is the I-Hate-Reality-Shows-But-I-Still-Stop-By-to-Read-Silly-Articles-About-Them-So-I-Can-Try-to-Douche-On-Your-Good-Time Guy.  You know him.  The one that stops in to comment on an article about a show like this by telling everyone they are morons for wasting their time on this atrocious piece of crap.  Meanwhile, he is, well, you know, wasting his time reading the same article that said morons are.

So, you want the common sense, here?  If you watch this show on even a casual basis, then you have no doubt witnessed the “witty banter” that takes place between the judges.  Levine’s comment was par for the course.  If you watch the show, you would know automatically that he is just commenting out of frustration, a sarcastic sense of humor, and absolutely no harm was meant.  However, if you don’t watch the show, and you use thirty second YouTube clips to make up your minds about people, then you may very well form the impression that Adam Levine is a major prick.  He has turned his back on America.  He should be shunned and sent back to “one-hit-wonderLand” where all rock stars that don’t speak the politically-correct language of America and the world are relegated to.

But far be it from us at Common Sense Conspiracy to deny you the opportunity to make a random spot judgment of a person’s entire character by a minute-and-a-half YouTube clip.  Here it is.  What do you think?