Save the Bees! Is Big Pharma Working to Keep Honey Nature’s Best Kept Secret?

Let’s preface this article with a declaration.  People all over America and the world suffer from hideous diseases and ailments.  Common Sense Conspiracy is not trying to downplay that in any way, shape, or form, and we are not trying to convince anyone to consider some of the things we talk about on our site as a replacement for real medical advice.  However, we do feel that not enough people know about natural home remedies that are surprisingly effective.  And because this is a conspiracy website after all, we also are taking a look at why more people don’t know about these things and who out there might appreciate that fact.

Even for diabetics, honey is not the bad guy.
Even for diabetics, honey is not the bad guy.

Honey is one of the most remarkable medicines in the world.  8,000 years ago, there were Greeks that managed to live lifespans comparable to Americans today while most of the rest of the world was dying in their thirties at best.  What gave them the advantage?  A lot of scientists point to the same thing that affects lifespan today.  People with more money have more access to treatments and medicine, and therefore tend to live longer than their poorer counterparts.  Well, the same might be technically true, but it was not fancy pills by prescription that kept these guys going 8,000 years ago.  It was honey.  They had more access to honey, and it became a commodity because basically everyone knew just how powerful it was.

The list of things that honey can effectively cure is astounding if you’ve never looked into it.  And we’re not talking about minor things either.  Honey can fight off the flu, something that most people would think is a definite trip to the doctor.  It can fight off fungal infections.  It can be used to treat wounds, burns, the common cold, and all sorts of sinus problems.  It doesn’t stop there, though.  There is good evidence coming out that shows that honey is effective in helping clear arteries and reduce cholesterol levels.  Put simply, honey may be one of the most amazing natural medicines we have, and yet, many Americans have no idea about it.  As a matter of fact, many Americans actually have been programmed to be against honey because of its overwhelming sweetness and sugar content.

Yes, honey is quite sweet.  But consider this.  While companies scramble around to find the next big thing on the artificial sweetener circuit, studies actually show that diabetics can consume honey, despite the sugar, and it has only positive effects.  Kind of like fruits, right?  It turns out that true natural sugar isn’t harmful, even to those that have diseases where sugar is especially a no-no.

Our question is simple.  Why do more doctors not prescribe honey as a treatment to patients instead of pharmaceuticals?  It is fairly well accepted that doctors often prescribe antibiotics and pain medication to patients as a “precaution” without really knowing if it is necessary.  And yet, honey would be a way to accomplish the same task at less cost and with no chance of side effects.  And don’t think they just don’t know about it.  There is actually a special brand of honey called MediHoney that is used at hospitals and by emergency personnel to treat burns and wounds.  You won’t find it at your local drugstore, and yet, they use it in hospitals as a matter of course.

Ever heard of MediHoney?
Ever heard of MediHoney?

So, what are we getting at?  Honey might be just as practical and effective at treating tons of illnesses that doctors are commissioned to treat, but that would mean sending their patients to the grocery shelves instead of the pharmacy counter.  Do you think that Big Pharma, as it is affectionately referred to by many, would go out of its way to lose all of those profits by letting people know that their sniffles could be just as easily remedied by a jar of honey than expensive pharmaceuticals?  Even in the drug store itself, it goes on.  Think about it.  Whether you are looking for something for jock itch, a cough, the flu, or fungi under your fingernails, you can bet one thing for sure.  The over-the-counter options will be a lot more expensive than a jar of natural honey.  And you won’t get nearly as much for the price.

Honestly, it’s a symbiotic relationship.  Patients want relief from their symptoms when they visit a doctor.  Doctors are there to help, but they are also looking to profit for themselves.  Let’s face it.  Most Americans would scoff and laugh it off if they went to the doctor with the flu or a sinus infection and he sent them out empty-handed with instructions to visit the breakfast aisle at their local grocer.  Are the pharmaceutical companies fighting to protect their own profits?  Sure.  But part of the problem is the general public’s refusal to warm up to the concept that there might be simpler, natural ways to treat their illnesses, from minor ones to severe diseases.  Also, whether we want to admit it or not, doctors in many ways are not much more than legal drug dealers.  We all know people that go to the doctor complaining of pains that probably each and every one of us that are not spring chickens anymore experience, but they are really just trying to get a “high” from pain medications.  Loritabs anyone?  Another part of the overall problem is that much of America is addicted to pharmaceuticals no different than a cocaine or meth addict on the street corners.

Imagine a Loritab fiend going to the doctor and being sent out with a jar of honey.

But how many instances would this be a much better solution?

So, in closing, we want to once again say that there are certainly those that have illnesses where Big Pharma is the only option for relief.  And we are by no means shortchanging some of the miracles of modern medicine.  But we do want to encourage our readers to at least take a look at natural medicine and consider it as a viable alternative, especially with minor illnesses where not that much is at stake.

And when you are building your survival kit for the upcoming apocalypse, you might want to throw in a jar of honey for good measure.  How many medicines can double as a tasty condiment on your crackers?

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