Prince is an Illuminati Puppet — We Don’t Think So

Maybe it’s because we have an editor here at Common Sense Conspiracy that thinks that Prince is some kind of androgynous guitar god sent to teach us how to play Jimi Hendrix-like guitar because we are all unlucky enough to not have been alive when Jimi Hendrix could teach us himself, so he sent an angel to help us negotiate the finer points of being an instrumental virtuoso (Prince plays multiple instruments at virtuoso level, after all), and in the meantime, maybe we can learn something about life, love, and just being alive…

But, as we have said before here, and as we believe wholeheartedly, Prince is as anti the Illuminati-message as they come.  After all, he shunned the entire recording industry, not to mention refusing to release his albums on major record labels, not to mention giving away his “releases” in the copy of every newspaper in Great Britain.

Is this the will of the Illuminati?  To spread this anti-Illuminati message globally?

Well, if Prince is an Illuminati henchman, he is the worst one ever.

That’s all we have to say.

In the meantime, if you need a guitar lesson, don’t worry about this guy’s Illuminati bullshit and look up any performance of Prince live, ever.  Preferably his 2013 Billboard Music Awards Icon Performance or I don’t know, when he performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to show everyone how to play a guitar once and for all.

Both are listed below, but the second one is without the bullshit commentary.

The greatest guitar solo ever, unless you happen to own Purple Rain or dozens of others…


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