Paramedic First Responder to Texas Fertilizer Blast Had a Pipe Bomb — No Connection Say Authorities!?!

The West, Texas fertilizer blast came in the midst of one crazy week in America.  It happened in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings and the ensuing manhunt for the suspects.  So, what would have remained a first-cycle news story around the clock kind of got swept under the rug, and to a lot of Americans, right or wrong, it became an afterthought.  An unfortunate accident, and certainly a tragedy, but there was no reason to think that this was another act of terror or anything like that.  This just happens, and there was tons of information coming out after the blast about how the company had some issues with monitoring safety guidelines regarding the potentially explosive chemicals that are used there on a daily basis.  However, sometimes information comes out that just insults the general public’s intelligence, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy think this is one of those times.

We shunned the hardcore conspiracy theories, including the silly video that tried to say a missile hit the fertilizer plant just before the blast.  But last week, authorities announced that a criminal investigation of the incident was underway.  This still didn’t put it back on the major cycle.  Now, today’s latest news is the craziest thing we’ve heard yet, and it’s time for people to start waking up to the fact that there is more to the Texas fertilizer explosion than we are being told.

You got some explaining to do, my friend.
You got some explaining to do, my friend.

Meet Bryce Reed, a 31-year-old paramedic who was a first responder to the explosion scene.  We are now hearing that he has been charged by authorities with possessing a pipe bomb.  Not suspected, not maybe… he was arrested, booked, and will face these charges.  However, his and the “official” story is that the charges have nothing to do with the blast.  He just happened to have a pipe bomb at his home, and the federales just happened to search his home (not because of the explosion investigation or anything) and now he just happens to be facing a very serious charge that even if he is found innocent of, will completely ruin his life going forward.

Do you have a pipe bomb in your home?  I don’t.  You know who did?  The Tsarnaev brothers.  They had a pipe bomb.  They had multiple pipe bombs.  Is it normal to have a pipe bomb in your home?  No, it’s not!  There, we said it.  And if you do have a pipe bomb in your home and you just so happened to be a first responder at the scene of a cataclysmic explosion at a fertilizer plant, you can’t tell me that there is no connection at all between those two events.

A paramedic.  The last person you would suspect.  A first responder.  Maybe it was really easy to be a first responder for Bryce Reed, since he might have already been on the scene when distress calls went out.  And never mind the fact that he has been on “administrative leave” ever since.  Of course, no one wants to tell us why that is.

The good news is that Bryce Reed is in custody tonight and off the streets of West, Texas.  Because I really don’t care if he caused the Texas fertilizer plant to explode or not… if you have a pipe bomb in your home, I don’t want you on the streets.  Period.

More people died in this explosion, but it just doesn't have the sensationalism required to have the full attention of the mainstream media.
More people died in this explosion, but it just doesn’t have the sensationalism required to have the full attention of the mainstream media.

Really, can you come up with one realistic, reasonable reason to have a pipe bomb in your home?  Or anywhere that you have access to?

Let me guess, Bryce?  You were using the bomb to practice your paramedic skills in case of a real blast?

Something stinks here big time, and the fact that authorities continue to parade around as if we should all just turn the other cheek and go on about our business is an insult to our intelligence.  The Boston bombings were a terrible, atrocious act of terror, but in terms of property damage, the potential act here could be ridiculous.  Why is there not more outcry?

For the last times, pipe bombs BAD.  Good, normal people in America don’t have pipe bombs.  What are the odds that this fellow has a pipe bomb, is a first responder on that scene, and had nothing to do with it?

Statistics, anyone?