ObamaCare Stories Offer Ridiculous Baseless Accounts of Law that No One Knows What Will Happen With

Turn on any major news source these days for a solid hour and you will see two or three stories about the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, as most Americans now refer to it.  To say President Obama’s biggest achievement is controversial would be the understatement of the year.  Now, as some of the meat of the act start to take effect over the latter half of 2013, the mainstream media is trying to cash in on both sides of the fence with stories reporting every kind of outlook on the situation you can possibly imagine.  However, we want to ask you, our readers, whether you have ever considered the inaptitude that these conflicting reports demonstrate?

images-96One story says that some state’s premiums will rise 125-150%.  Another says, no just 40-60%.  Another says that some other state will enjoy unparalleled prosperity under the new law.  The next day, the opposite is released.  One report says that doctors are making a mass exodus of this or that state.  The next day, it is the doctor safe haven.

We’ve reviewed a lot of these reports, and there is one common thread.  No one, not even the experts, seem to be sure just what is going to happen as a result of the provision of ObamaCare.  Speculation is from one extreme to the other.  Often, speculation seems to be geared toward political affiliation.  Republican-leaning “experts” say that bill will raise premiums and be a total letdown.  Democratic-leaning “experts” say it will be a raging success.  A lot of the “confusion” revolves around the way the law works.  The government simply doesn’t know how some small businesses and individuals will react.  Different states are taking different pathways to compliance.  Other states are still defiantly holding that they will not cooperate with the law at all.

So, we’re not experts, but we’re going to break this down to something really simple for you.  It doesn’t really matter who opts out, who pays penalties, and so on and so forth.  It all boils down to a very simple concept.  If you are going to offer affordable health insurance to millions of people that currently do not have it, it obviously has to be supplemented by money from somewhere.  Common sense (there it is again) tells you that most likely, premiums will go up for those that pay them the old fashioned way.  Will it be doomsday scenarios as some have predicted?  That remains to be seen.  Probably not.  There will probably be minor raises in premiums that people will act like are the end of the world.  After a couple of weeks, they won’t even realize it happened in their payroll deductions anymore.  Kind of like the outrage for a week or two when tax cuts expired and everyone got an extra three or four bucks cut out of their check.  Remember that?  No.  We don’t either.

So, you can listen to the experts, or you can listen to us.  Just don’t think any opinion is that much more valuable than any other.  It’s called speculation for a reason.