Obama Dreams of Going “Bulworth” — Why That Should Offend Every American? And Why It Doesn’t.

images-87The New York Times recently published an article where it was revealed from the ever-present “anonymous sources” that President Obama has expressed a desire in private to “go Bulworth.”  So, quickly, what does that mean?

Bulworth is a movie from 1995 about a Democratic Senator on a downward spiral that hires an assassin to kill him.  Bulworth, played by Warren Beatty, decides that because he has already paid the cash to get a hitman to off him in three days, there’s no reason to play political bullshit games any longer.  So, instead, he goes on the rampage, exposing just how corrupt the Washington scene is and saying exactly what he thinks about every issue with no regard for polls or political implications.

So, when President Obama says he dreams about “going Bulworth,” it basically means that he sometimes wishes he could throw all the political affiliations aside, and just tell it like it is.  Tell people what he really thinks.  Stop worrying about any of it and just do what he feels and believes is right.

So, basically, when he says he dreams about “going Bulworth,” it means he dreams about being his own person, and telling the truth at any given moment.

What a novel concept.

Why should this offend you?  Well, what Obama is being claimed to have said in the New York Times is the very problem with American politics.  He doesn’t say what he really thinks or feels.  He tows a party line.  He towed it into the White House, and there’s no turning back now.  When you live a lie, you have to live it to the bitter end.  It’s not just Obama.  Every President we have is just the same.  They walk the path appointed because they have now mired themselves in such a bed of lies that it is impossible to quit lying.  You know, just like your momma taught you when you were little.

Why should it offend every American?  Because you have to vote for these nimrods.  Every single American citizen that voted for President Barack Obama has no idea what he is really about or what he would do if he was left to his own devices.  That’s pretty staggering.  We have to vote on people that we have no idea what they believe, because, at the end of the day, they are just puppet-mouths for one party or the other.

So, let’s do away with this talk of “going Bulworth.”  Let’s call it what really is.  President Barack Obama sometimes dreams of doing what’s right.  He sometimes dreams of telling the truth.  He sometimes dreams of telling people what he really thinks and not what he is told is his opinion.  He sometimes dreams of doing the right thing day to day, and not letting politics rule every choice he makes, from national policy to what dinner he orders from the White House cook.

The irony here is that his dreams of “going Bulworth” might be exactly what America needs.  We need a leader to throw the two-party political system out the window and do what is right one choice at a time.  And we need to know what they really think when they are running for the office so we can know whether they fit in with our beliefs.  Not every candidate will completely gel with any one voter, but that’s part of the game.  You choose the person you feel will be best and who closest lines up with your beliefs.  People say all the time that American voters don’t really educate themselves on candidates.  Maybe it’s because they long ago realized it makes no difference.  You are not voting for a person; you are voting for Democrats or Republicans and a non-negotiable platform that may have a few high points that you like, but is mostly political games.

It makes perfect sense.  Going Bulworth means telling the truth and doing the right thing.  This will obviously make you a rogue in Washington.

It just might make you a hero to ordinary Americans everywhere?

But heroes still have to pay their own bills, and there’s no guarantee that they will be taken care of forever.

Why is it that in all areas of life, it always seems that the path of least resistance is always the one that is synonymous with selling out to a system and doing something morally reprehensible?

So for our last part…why it doesn’t.  Well, the American people have had the two-party system shoved down their throats for so long that they have succumbed to it.  They don’t expect Obama to pick for himself.  They know what they have done.  They have voted for a man who is a puppet for a political party.  That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  Americans are not offended by the fact that Obama basically publicly stated that he lies all the time.  Why?  Because it’s ordinary, commonplace, standard.  It’s how we do business in a corrupt political system, and it’s how President Obama will continue to do business.  Just like most of the Presidents before him.

We say most.  The few that decided to “go Bulworth” are mostly dead.  Not by natural causes.

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  1. I would be thrilled to have President Obama stand in front of our nation and tell us the truth about the crap the media feeds us. I’ve always believed that was Obama’s intention from the moment he decided to run.
    Washington DC these days (and most past) is a disgrace. It only has been brought into focus because of the lightning fast anonymous twitter and Internet accounts.

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