Mayor Bloomberg Pizza Story Unfortunately a Hoax

Chomp away Mayor!  Just don't be asking for a big drink to wash that down!
Chomp away Mayor! Just don’t be asking for a big drink to wash that down!

It was a story that caught like wildfire, but closer examination of the facts here at Common Sense Conspiracy revealed that the story that Mayor Bloomberg of New York City was denied a second slice of the pie at a local pizzeria was indeed a hoax.  We thought so.  It had all the hallmark signs of a viral Internet hoax from the beginning.

As the fabricated story went, Mayor Bloomberg, now famous for stopping people from getting large sizes of sugary sodas if they want to with their hard-earned money, was denied a second piece of pizza by a protesting restaurant owner.  As sweet as that would have been, it turns out that Bloomberg was not denied a second piece of pizza, and in fact, didn’t even visit a pizzeria, as far as anyone knows, around the time this was supposed to have happened.

We say unfortunate because we think it would have been kinda nice for Bloomberg to see what it’s like to be denied something that you want and have the money to pay for based solely on the concept that the government is looking out for you and your health.

Having said that, who really needs a 40-oz soda?