Lifetime Used to be Cheesy, Now Just Sleazy — Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony? Tragedy Equals Profits

Jodi Arias' Lifetime counterpart hugs a tree.
Jodi Arias’ Lifetime counterpart hugs a tree.

The Lifetime television network was almost a punchline for years upon years. The home of the “after school” drama, they produce mindless films and shows that are designed for the, well, mindless. That was okay, fine and dandy as they say. However, has the Lifetime profit scheme taken the network to new lows here of late?
Well, we think so.  Today, it was reported in the news that Lifetime was actually having to alter its movie about Jodi Arias because, whoops, she got convicted.  Apparently, they were not completely expecting that.  What does that mean?  They had the movie ending with her riding into the sunset with a male sex doll in the car next to her?

This is the same Lifetime that went after Casey Anthony too.  Not like Nancy Grace “went after her” but went after her in some kind of bubble-gum television version of an ambulance chaser.  There was a little public outcry on that one…people can stand profiting off of murder, but when it involves children, people tend to get their panties in a wad, and the prospect of a Lifetime film chronicling America’s second most famous known murderer (after O.J. Simpson, of course) executing the murder of a child was a little too much.  Don’t worry.  Lifetime has a plan.  Instead of making another cookie-cutter television drama with some too-good-looking woman playing the demon-possessed Casey Anthony on the small screen as she goes about her daily tasks of killing her children, they opted to flip the script and make a movie about how the prosecutors went about taking Casey Anthony down.  Of course, they didn’t is the only problem.

What, Lifetime?  No Trayvon Martin after-school special?
What, Lifetime? No Trayvon Martin after-school special?

Lifetime knows what it is doing.  It will take some of that Jodi Arias pie.  Easy money.  Casey Anthony?  A little more difficult to spin, but they got this.  You know who you will never see a Lifetime movie about?  Trayvon Martin.  No way.  Not gonna appeal to their demographic.

The only thing stopping Lifetime from producing a movie about James Holmes or Adam Lanza is that they are males and won’t bring in enough advertising dollars on the primarily female demographic that the profiteering network preys upon.

What do you think?  Has Lifetime gone as low as it can go?  Or is there always another Mary Kay Letourneau up their sleeve if profits are down for the quarter?

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