Lauryn Hill Headed to Prison? Final Culmination of the “Illuminati Ruination of Lauryn Hill?”

Lauryn Hill may have been a big-time nobody for the last decade, but in the heyday of the Fugees and her multiplatinum-selling album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” she was easily the hottest thing going in music.  Ever wonder how she faded away.  Well, she has been on a long, downward slide (a slippery slope if you will) that has possibly checkmated with a federal judge sentencing her to actual prison time for failing to pay income taxes.  Hill’s unbelievable rise to the forefront of music can only credited to selling out to the Illuminati, but she may very well stand as a real example of what happens if one sells their soul to this entity and then decides to try to reclaim that soul again.

Hill literally went from megastar to non-existent in an astounding period of time.  The Illuminati-influenced blackballing has to be one of the biggest falls from grace in modern music history.

Hill chronicled her attempts to backtrack on selling out to the Illuminati in her hugely acclaimed MTV Unplugged special, incidentally, the last time she was really heard from again on a meaningful, national or international stage.  That is until today, when she was sentenced to prison.  Check it out.  Was Lauryn calling out the Illuminati way back when?  Would she be the type to call out the fake supplements and recommend where to buy garcinia combogia?