Israel Responsible for Air Attacks in Syria: Stage Set for World War 3?

The average American probably doesn’t give a crap about what is happening in Syria beyond the amount of information they might peruse through a glance at a blurb in the morning paper.  Yet, the events that are happening there now could so easily affect every last American citizen, not to mention a huge segment of the world’s population, if the events play out in the right way.  Israel has now officially launched air attacks on Syria.

If you don’t know what is going on in Syria, we’ve addressed that in an earlier article:  What the Hell is Going On in Syria?  The video below shows some footage from Syria of an actual Israeli airstrike taking place.  The video is quite loud, so don’t play it with your speakers too loud, or you might get a little more realistic dose of the air attacks than you really are looking for.  These images are frightening for obvious reasons, of course, but even more so as we as Americans increasingly become concerned that one day scenes like this might happen here at home.  To most Americans, the concept of someone actually actively attacking our homeland seems so crazy.  These images should strike fear in all of our hearts and make us sympathize for the people in the Middle East and other parts of the world that live their lives like this day to day.  They come from all walks of life; Christians, Muslims, Jews…behind the evil and radical among each of these groups are the innocents, the people that follow their religious doctrine, work for a living, and have to live each day against the backdrop of atrocities, both state-sponsored and terrorist-related (sometimes it can seem that there isn’t much difference between the two).

So, how could this end up in a World War 3 scenario?  Easier than you might think.  Syria and Iran have long been allies.  We all know how Iran feels about Israel.  As a matter of fact, the two nations were probably placing bets on which of them would get attacked preemptively by Israel first.  It is no secret that Israel has repeatedly petitioned President Barack Obama to sign off on airstrikes in Iran.  So, even as Syria itself is embroiled in a very serious civil war, the ties between Iran and Syria are still strong, and especially involving what they view as a common enemy.  So, if Israel’s acts of aggression inspire Iran to action, you could easily see a wider war opening up with Israel suddenly needing international assistance.  And who would they turn to for that assistance?

The usual suspects…the United States is considered to be a strong ally of Israel.  Of course, with the United States comes Great Britain and other European powers.  It really doesn’t take that much for many nations to be at war.  It could happen almost overnight.  Then, enter North Korea.  We already know all of the commotion coming from there, and North Korea has shown signs of being friendly with Iran.  You know, George W. Bush’s famous Axis of Evil, a term that was actually coined from another World War…the second one.  North Korea could decide to throw its hat in the ring to take advantage of all the war cries, or they may decide to attack South Korea based on the notion that the United States and others that might interfere with their coalescing of the peninsula might be too busy fighting the other “Axis Powers” to be able to legitimately defend South Korea.  With all of that kind of instability in the region, Japan and China are certain to not sit still, and with everything deteriorating at this level, you could easily wake up to find the World War scenario where pretty much everyone has to declare for one side or the other.  Other powerhouses like India could fall on either side of the fence.  India is not too thrilled with China right now because of its aggressive nature towards them, but would they join an American-led coalition that also required fighting Syria and Iran?  And of course, putting them on the side of Israel.

World wars start just like a wildfire; somewhere, there is a spark, a tiny ember starts a tidal wave of destruction.  Is this inevitable?  Not necessarily.  It is entirely possible that someone in the chain of nations might stop the dominoes from falling.  However, we do live in a world where things could get worse real fast, and situations that might seem outlandish today could be reality tomorrow.  What do you think?  Is Israel providing the “spark” that will lead to a new watershed moment for the history books?


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  1. Your money’s not going to do you any good if/when the much-vaunted WW3 hits.
    There’s plenty to be said of the end times:
    In THAT book which the USA and Islxm is trying to ban.
    Guess which book?

    The crowd says:
    “Things will get better. We can turn it all around.”

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