Is One of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in 2013 Really from the 1930’s? Photo Spawns Jay-Z Time Travel Theory

A photograph from 1939 has caused quite a stir.  The photo has an uncanny resemblance to a very well known fellow in 2013:  Jay-Z.  Like Nicholas Cage recently, the likeness of the two photographs has given rise to the idea that Jay-Z may have travelled through time to reach the current age.  And with that goes the concept that perhaps he used knowledge of the past to build his empire of wealth and influence that he currently enjoys.  What do you think?  Proof that Jay-Z can travel through time?  Or proof that if you wait enough years, pretty much anyone out there will have a near lookalike in another time period?  And if you are famous enough, someone will probably notice it at some point and pass it around until it goes viral on the Internet.

Hmm…which could it be?