IRS Chief Says Taxes Voluntary: Tell That to Lauryn Hill or Wesley Snipes

Voluntary systems don't require handcuffs.
Voluntary systems don’t require handcuffs.

Steve Miller is the fall guy for President Obama in the recent IRS scandal which involved everyone’s favorite government agency targeting specific groups when determining who would get a certain tax status. Somebody had to get the ax, and Steve was the man. On his way out the door to another cozy government-sponsored job with a six-figure paycheck (we’re assuming, because that’s what always happens in these cases…these guys are way better than a cat at landing on their feet), Miller had to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee, where a crew of equally corrupt Democrats and Republicans questioned him about these things.
During his testimony, Steve Miller agreed with a phrase that is not altogether new. It has been uttered plenty of times in these sorts of government junkets. Devin Nunes, A Democratic Representative from the great state of California, said in one of his questions that the American tax system is a “voluntary system.” Miller agreed with the terminology.
We get it. Really, we do. This is some sort of corporate slang they use in the IRS. We’ve all worked for those overly politically-correct corporations that go out of their way to make the people at the top talk about how wonderful the company is to its employees while everyone knows what the real deal is. This is just like that. The IRS has a mantra that the American tax system is a peachy, dandy, and even fun thing that we, as Americans, out of our undying loyalty and patriotism, participate in completely of our own free will.
Let’s take a moment to look at the dictionary definition of the word voluntary:

voluntary – adj.
1. Done or undertaken of one’s own free will.
2. Acting or done willingly and without constraint or expectation of reward.

Hmm. If the American tax system is so voluntary, then why is Lauryn Hill sweating it out about going to prison? Why is Wesley Snipes just getting released from prison for failure to pay his taxes? Why do millions of Americans face penalties and interest if they don’tpay their taxes?
Voluntary. What a funny way to put it.
It’s not that Common Sense Conspiracy believes that taxes in some capacity is not necessary. This article is not written to complain about taxation in general. But to sit around and publicly act like it’s something everyone does completely of their own free will is ridiculous. Can we not just call it what it is? It’s voluntary alright… you pay the taxes because you don’t want to go to jail. Or you aren’t rich enough to afford a hotshot lawyer or accountant to figure out how to get you out of paying it without the risk of punishment. It’s voluntary for those guys, that’s for sure.
Sometimes it is what it is. This is one of those times. Why can’t the government cut the crap and just say, “Hey, we’re taking your money, and there’s nothing you can do about it”?