Friend of Tsarnaev Killed by FBI — Unarmed?

It’s a story that the mainstream media is trying desperately to keep a cover on.  You can see how the mainstream media runs the show by days like today.  Early today, a story surfaced on alternative news sources about how Ibragim Todashev, a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston bombing suspect that was killed by police, was killed by an FBI agent.  Now, word had already gotten out that the FBI had killed him, but the story behind it is the problem.

The original story was that Todashev was supposedly going to sign a confession to a 2011 triple murder that somehow surfaced in the investigation.  Instead, he produced a samurai sword, brandished it at the FBI agent and caused him to have no choice but to shoot him in self-defense.

Open-and-shut case, right?

This kid went to the gym too...just weeks before he was murdered by the FBI.
This kid went to the gym too…just weeks before he was murdered by the FBI.

The story that is coming out now is not quite as neat.  The first problem is that it now appears that there was no samurai sword, which, let’s face it, makes a lot more sense right off the bat.  The notion that this guy brought a samurai sword to an FBI questioning, was not searched despite being suspected of being involved in a terrorist attack and a triple murder, and then thought he was going to hack and slash his way out of custody is a little ridiculous, but at this point, the American public has been so trained to believe that Muslims are crazy that it doesn’t matter how far out it gets, most will believe.  So, no sword.  Instead of signing the confession, Todashev turned the table over.  You know, like Jesus and the moneychangers in the temple.  Feeling threatened in a secure facility against an unarmed suspect, the FBI agent did the natural thing and shot him.

But he did feel threatened, right?  What’s the big deal?  Another Muslim extremist bites the dust, right?

Well, why did he shoot him seven times?  They are like cockroaches.  Bastards just won’t die.  Where’d he shoot him?  The medical examiner says seven times in the head.  Gotta make sure you get ’em, right?  And the shooting is now on the docket as an official homicide.  So, to put it mildly, there may be some civil rights violations involved here.

Twelve hours later, the media runs a story about the Tsarnaev brothers visiting a gym and working out a few days before the bombings at a martial arts training facility.  The video has no bearing on anything and is simply a casual glimpse of real live terrorists in their natural habitat.  What is the purpose of the video being released now?

That’s an easy one.

If you look at trends in major search engines today, since the workout video was released, the shooting incident was bumped off of the top searches.  However, “Tsarnaev” video has held strong throughout the day in the top ten.

Throw the public a “would you look at that?” story to cover up a major story.  While people are pointing and going “look at those boys just working out like normal Americans when they are about to do something terrible,” they will not be saying “just what is our government not telling us about this?”

As for Todashev, we know very little about what happened.  Was he involved in the bombings in any way?  We’ll never know.  If we do, we won’t know if it is true.  Was he really responsible for a triple murder in 2011, or did the FBI browbeat him into signing a confession?

Todashev was executed without a trial or due process.  It is entirely possible that the living Tsarnaev may never even face the death penalty.  How messed up is that?