Do Vaccinations Cause Autism? Amish Community — No Vaccinations, No Autism

We are addressing this because an Italian court recently ruled that in a lawsuit that the common MMR vaccination administered to children worldwide is indeed linked to the autism epidemic that is plaguing the world.  We’ve looked at this plenty of times before.  Like celiac disease, autism has been on the rise for decades and no one seems to know why.  However, the argument that vaccinations might be responsible for the alarming autism levels is gaining steam, and the ruling of the Italian court, which we might add was completely ignored by the United States’ mainstream media, certainly is something that more Americans should be aware of.  That’s a classic tactic of the mainstream media in America:  they don’t report the news and let you decide for yourself.  There is always an agenda to what they do and do not report and how they go about it when they do.

As a side note, there are some pretty interesting claims that Amish communities, who refuse vaccinations on religious grounds, have non-existent levels of autism.  The Amish are frequently ridiculed for their stances, but perhaps we should listen a little closer to what they have to say.  What do you think?  Autism is a problem and it seems to be getting worse.  Should the government suspend these vaccinations and at least give it a try?  Or at the very least, order further research to be done on the matter?

So far, they’ve done nothing at all.  And went out of their way to use their spin machine to make sure you don’t find out that in other parts of the world, the public is starting to find out the truth.