Congressional Hearings Reveal FBI Did Not Warn Boston Police About Terror Suspects

Well, isn’t that something?  We have been hearing how the FBI had inside information on the Tsarnaev brothers and was even warned by Russian authorities that they might be trouble, but until today, we never got that “in your face” admission that the FBI just outright neglected to divulge that information to anyone.

More information just means more questions for all those of us that question the "official story" of things.
More information just means more questions for all those of us that question the “official story” of things.

Well, now we do.  A Congressional hearing today revealed that the FBI didn’t tell the Boston Police anything about the Tsarnaev brothers or any of the warnings they had received about them.  The first the Boston Police Department heard of them was when they were able to isolate them as the major suspects in the aftermath of the deadly attacks.

Well, isn’t that something?  I mean, why would they?  When you are busy planning a false-flag operation on United States soil, it really would only complicate matters to warn the local police that there might be a couple of would-be fall guys in the area?  What if the Boston Police had followed up and ruined the whole plan?  That would be terrible, wouldn’t it?

Never mind the United States created a whole government agency for situations just like this.  You know, Homeland Security?

So, our question is simple.  Was this an epic fail on the part of Homeland Security and the FBI/CIA to not at least put the Boston Police in the loop?  Or was it a planned fail, a purposeful fail, and one that created America’s latest “day that will live in infamy?”

What do you think?  The more that comes out about it, the more questions we seem to have as well.  And yet, none of the answers are satisfying.  Why does every piece of info that comes out seem to only further the conspiracy theories that the Boston Marathon Bombings were a false-flag operation?  Why can’t there be just one isolated piece of evidence that corroborates the “official story?”