CIA Official Interview Reveals UFO and Government Secrets: On His Deathbed

Facing kidney failure, an anonymous CIA official answered some questions. This interview was shown as a part of the Citizen Hearing for Disclosure meetings in Washington this week. The anonymous participant is obviously of failing health and answers a variety of questions about things like the Blue Book investigations, and, you guessed it, Area 51 and Roswell.
While this interview is definitely interesting and thought-provoking, it is far from a smoking gun for those that believe in these events and locations. After all, if the man is on his deathbed and really knows what he is saying is true and “too important” to not be communicated to the masses, then why can’t he really own it and give us his name so we could examine his credentials for giving such information?
We’re not just out-and-out calling him a liar or fraud, but that fact alone casts instantaneous doubt over his testimony, and while we think there are tons of reasons to believe that we is saying is true, unfortunately, the interview itself proves nothing. However, if it was shown to members of Congress, there is that chance that they know who this person is and can verify the authenticity of his comments. So, if that were the case, it could make them think twice about continuing an ongoing coverup. Or, on the other hand, it could make them even more devoted to finding out how to stop people from talking.
Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.