Chris Matthews Jumps All Over President Obama’s Administration — Longtime Supporter Turns Amidst Scandal

Chris Matthews has supported President Obama all through his original campaign and right up until this past week. The video is not here to simply point out that some of the President’s most vigilant supporters are finally admitting that maybe something isn’t quite right in the administration. It’s here because Chris Matthews’ analysis here is exactly on target. He doesn’t blindly accuse Obama of being responsible for all of the things that are coming up right now, as the Republican Party does. He is attacking not the concept that Obama is directly responsible for any of the scandal burning his second term to the ground, but the concept that Obama’s lack of fire in defending himself might be the most troubling part of it all. Why isn’t the President mad? Why is he not shaking his fist at the drama and rooting it out one by one? Instead, he seems to be playing a politically precarious game of walking a thin line between what he didn’t know about and what he is and is not going to do about it.
It comes down to one premise. If you want to be President, you have to kind of accept that whatever goes on during that four years (or eight in this case) is going to ultimately be your fault. Whether you knew this, knew that, felt this, felt that, it all becomes immaterial. You can fire everybody, criminally prosecute people…still, nothing stops the buck, as the saying goes.
If you think we’re being harsh in that premise, look no farther than the last President. George W. Bush’s biggest tarnishes on his eight years in office could easily be blamed on others, but it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The “lie” that he told to start the Iraq War that is brought up constantly by his detractors was based on faulty intelligence he received from the CIA and other government agencies. The complete disaster within a disaster that was the FEMA reaction to Hurricane Katrina fell on Bush’s doorstep. Of course, no President, unless they were formerly involved in dealing directly with national disasters and coordinating relief efforts, could have changed anything at that moment. The Katrina situation was a result of years of not being prepared, not something that Bush or any other single person did. But, when it’s all said and done, he’s the one holding the ball. The Katrina mismanagement is George W. Bush’s fault. The Iraq War misnomers are his fault as well. Likewise, President Obama is responsible for the IRS scandal. He is responsible for Benghazi.
It may not be fair. It may not be right. But it is the way it is. Chris Matthews is exactly right. President Obama needs to spend less time trying to prove he’s not the perpetrator and more time showing us how he’s going to do things going forward.