Charles Ramsey — Hero or Latest Internet and Media Victim?

People didn't waste any time creating silly Internet photographs of Charles Ramsey.
People didn’t waste any time creating silly Internet photographs of Charles Ramsey.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Since this article was originally published on our site, it has come to light that Charles Ramsey graciously turned down money that was being raised for him as sort of a reward for his heroic behavior.  He insists that he works for a living, receives compensation for his work, and if anyone wants to do something in appreciation, they should donate their money to the kidnapped women that have the task of putting their tragically-interrupted lives back together.  What an awesome dude, and it only makes the story below all the more important.


Charles Ramsey rose to Internet and media fame by being the neighbor that came to the rescue of three girls kidnapped by the crazy assholes next door.  It’s a great story.  As is our wont, we won’t waste your time telling you the story you’ve already heard a hundred times.  It’s a good story, with the only real problem being that it took a decade for it to finally happen.

So, what’s the conspiracy?  Charles Ramsey seems to be a perfectly modest, likable gentlemen that has wandered into fame that he wasn’t prepared for or even desired.  Now, Internet memes are running wild, his original interview has already received the auto-tune treatment, and we all know where it goes from here.  What exactly does it say about America that we find our “hero” to be comical?  And why are we always seeing this effect when the “hero” or protagonist of the story is a low-income black male?  Remember Antoine Dodson with his famous “Hide your children” speech?

Antoine Dodson may have been taken advantage of by the Internet and media too, but at least he volunteered to step up and try to send his message to the people that attacked his home’s privacy.  Charles Ramsey did something great, but let’s not punish him for it by making him an Internet laughingstock.  Also, as was the case with Dodson, the mainstream media can’t seem to stand a “hero” rising without trying to find a way to disassemble them.  Expect the media to dig, dig, dig until it can’t dig anymore, and before the week is out, there will be some kind of unnecessary article about Charles Ramsey having some sort of sordid criminal past that suddenly becomes national news.

Can’t we just let Charles Ramsey be a hero, have his fifteen minutes, and escape with his life mostly unscathed?  That’s all we’re asking.