BREAKING NEWS: Tornadoes Striking Oklahoma City Again! HAARP Theories Stopped Before They’ve Started

Once again, deadly tornadoes are converging on Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  As you no doubt know, the city and outlying areas have not even begun to recover from the tragic tornado that hit there just days ago.  The situation is ongoing, and of course, we hope that this is not as bad as the previous tornado, but early reports are not good.

For those in Oklahoma, obviously, this is a time to be watching the weather, checking on loved ones, and making the best you can of a terrible and tragic situation.  However, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to address some of the issues that will be coming up for those in other parts of the country who are probably somewhat taken aback by this turn of events.

There are always insinuations in conspiracy circles that HAARP has something to with major tornado outbreaks.  While Common Sense Conspiracy acknowledges the existence of HAARP, we don’t believe it has anything to do with the occurrence or frequency of tornadoes.  Tornadoes are freaks of nature.  They have little or no warning and are one of the most unbelievable destructive forces on the planet.  To this day, with all of our scientific advancements, only rudimentary knowledge exists of how tornadoes form, why they go where they go, and what is the best way to deal with them in the heat of the moment.  Our stance is that HAARP has no reason to involve itself with such affairs; HAARP would be much more suitable for climate change, cloud seeding, and other such weather events.  If the government really wanted to use HAARP as a weapon, they could certainly unleash powerful tornadoes on “Nuketown” replicas of cities.  There is no reason to unleash them on their own citizens.  Some debate major events like Hurricane Katrina because of the global impact achieved.  We won’t get into that here.  It’s unfortunate, but these tornadoes, while quite tragic for the communities and people involved, will not be watershed moments in history.  Therefore, there is no reason to think that HAARP would be involved in creating these moments.

After addressing the HAARP issue, we turn to natural phenomena.  Many people falsely believe that tornadoes don’t hit the same place twice.  Not only is this not true in theory, but it has happened plenty of times.  Just ask the people in the community of Harvest, Alabama.  Tornadoes ravaged their town twice in just ten months.  This is not a statistical anomaly.  It happens.  It might take years, decades even.  Or it might happen in the space of a month.  The Oklahoma situation certainly makes one wonder if there is a bullseye on their head, but history doesn’t back up this theory.  This is really, really a terrible case of bad luck.

Let’s hope that the situation in Oklahoma this time turns out to be less severe than the terrible Moore tornado.  Let’s also turn our attention away from conspiracy theories and focus on prayers and seeing what we can do to help.

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: Tornadoes Striking Oklahoma City Again! HAARP Theories Stopped Before They’ve Started”

  1. You are quite naive about conspiracies. My experience in life is that they are usually more true than false. Before I ever heard anything about “HAARP”, I began to notice some really unusual things about the weather this year. And for 40 years I have been well in tune with the going ons of nature. You are right that is can be unpredictable and freakish. That is normal to me. But I do not think the weather is acting natural in recent times. After I found out about HAARP I began doing a lot of research on the subject. Now I am not some bored, simpleminded fool who sits around looking for evidence to support a theory. I believe in being rational minded and giving benefit of the doubt when its due. But there is zero doubt that the HAARP machine exists. And even less doubt that it is being used to experiment with our atmosphere. The weather is getting severely affected by it, sometimes in the worst ways. How do you “learn” how to induce an earthquake? By trying to induce one. And who’s going to fall into the cracks? I would bet my life that you will never see these tragedies occur at the White House or some other major political institution. Hurricane Katrina should be a great example of what I am talking about. The demonic force that drives these filthy rich people to achieve what they do has no bounds. If they see its possible to kill a million to make a billion, then consider a million lives taken. And it has happened. And it will keep happening. But these evil entities have a weakness. EXPOSURE. They are like rats. They like to lurk in the shadows. They hate the light. ANd its a good reason why these demons hide behind the fake smiles of unethical people. Mostly politicians, lawyers, doctors, and anyone else who loves wealth. It has become possible to influence the weather. You might ask, “Why would anyone need to control the weather?”. Well a normal person would have no desire to. But someone who sees there is a benefit to raining on or freezing the plants during the Spring would do it. By killing homegrown food or small farms, that creates a very large dependency on supermarket produce. Opens the door wide for the government to gain more control over us. They don’t want us to be humans. They want us to be like cattle. Only the rich want freedom. They want nothing but slaves under them. And that is why we MUST wipe the wealthy from the face of the Earth.

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