At Least They Are Fair About It: Justice Department Targets “Free Press”

imageWell, well, what do we have here but another sticky situation in Washington for this week?  Could it be that the Justice Department has labelled a Fox News correspondent as a “co-conspirator” after basically stalking his every move as part of their investigation?

It appears so, my friends.

This is actually good news, though, we think.  It’s actually kind of reassuring in a messed up kind of way.  Think about it.  The government has spent years now, especially since September 11, 2001, working on a master plot to take away every American’s basic freedoms.  They have slowly but surely executed a brilliant plan of scare tactics, false flag operations, and strengthening the divide between Americans to create the proper climate for the next part of their New World Order agenda.  Free speech is under attack.  Religion in all its forms is under attack.  Guns.  It’s almost like they are using the Bill of Rights as marching orders.  Perhaps someone out there crosses them off one at a time as they put the plan into motion to do away with them.  In all of that, though, freedom of the press seemed to be intact.  Up until now, the government had not messed with this area.  We always thought that was because they controlled them.  Maybe they do.  Maybe this Fox News correspondent was coloring outside of the lines, and that’s why this is happening.  In any case it’s a good day for America.  Justice is being served.

At least they are fair about it.  Members of the press are no longer allowed an leeway either.  It’s nice to know that the government is not playing favorites in abolition of freedoms.  Now, the only question is whether the mainstream media will overlook this act of aggression toward one of its own like it does when it happens to the average citizen?  We are guessing probably not.

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