Asteroid 1998 QE2 Approaching For Close Fly-By — Fireball Connection?

For astronomers, it’s an excellent opportunity to study something that doesn’t come around very often at all.  For conspiracy theorists, it’s another excellent opportunity to try to tie some completely unrelated events together.  When Asteroid 1998 QE2 makes its flyby of planet Earth on May 31, it will be coming as close as it will be coming in the next two centuries.  Still, it’s multi-millions of miles away from Earth, and both Common Sense Conspiracy and the experts agree on this one:  it’s no threat to us at all.

Worry not, Earthlings!
Worry not, Earthlings!

However, the fact that 1998 QE2 is no threat to Earth means little to those that like to make fear-mongering their business.  There are some particularly silly stories going around conspiracy forums where people have tied mysterious fireball sightings to the asteroid.  Some say that somehow the asteroid is influencing the orbits of meteors and causing an onslaught of Earth fireworks shows.  Others say that the asteroid is somehow dragging these things into the Earth’s atmosphere.  Of course, these theories make no mention of the fact that the asteroid still has eleven days before it even gets here, so at the very least, it would have to be pushing not dragging?

Is it a bird?  Plane?  Fireballs in coordinated succession?
Is it a bird? Plane? Fireballs in coordinated succession?

Common Sense Conspiracy does not exist to just douche on every conspiracy theory out there.  We often advocate theories that are based on fact, but in dealing with the flurry of activity you will hear about this one over the next two weeks, we can only point to Comet Elenin.  If you remember that debacle, then you have a pretty good example of how this one is gonna go.  There might be some things out there to be worried about in the solar system, but we assure you that Asteroid 1998 QE2 is not one of them.  As for the fireballs:  while it may seem that there are several instances of this being reported right now, it is not at all uncommon.  The frequency is either coincidental or the result of multiple entities citing fake observations to give the appearance that something out of the ordinary is happening.  So, if you want to get ready for the apocalypse, by all