17 Wounded in Mother’s Day Parade Shooting in New Orleans — Multiple Gunmen?

Details are sketchy right now, but apparently more than one gunman unloaded on a Mother’s Day Parade in New Orleans today.  At least seventeen people have been confirmed to be wounded; fortunately none of the injuries are life-threatening, according to police sources.  It seems that this is a completely random shooting, and the police have not announced any suspects at this time, although they have promised “swift arrests” in the matter.

130512162812-new-orleans-shooting-02-story-topShooting events like these are more troubling when they seem to have no intended purpose except to strike fear in the hearts of people trying to enjoy a nice day in a nice city.  No, there is not a shooting that is a good situation, of course, but it is a little more comforting when there is some sort of motivation that you can wrap your mind around.  Like if the gunmen were trying to kill a specific person or persons and someone else accidentally got caught in the crossfire.  It doesn’t make the situation better per se, but at least you have some reasoning behind why and how that could happen.  It’s obvious by the number wounded as well as the fact that no one was killed that this was just one or more people with weapons spraying a crowd.  They probably were indifferent to who got hurt or killed, and might even be disappointed wherever they are now to find out that everyone survived.

Most likely this is not the work of an international-type terrorist, but what is the difference really?  It’s still terrorism; it still seeks to make people frightened to go about their normal activities.

As more information becomes available, we will be trying to ascertain if there are any inconsistencies in the official story and anything that might indicate that this is another potential false-flag situation to ramp up public support for gun control.  We’ll keep you posted.