You Can’t Take Him Anywhere — George W. Bush Spills the Beans, Almost Calling 9/11 a Conspiracy in Interview

Well, former President George W. Bush has been lying low ever since he left the White House four years ago.  He didn’t even come out of his hidey-hole during the 2012 election, although many believe that the heavyweights in the Republican Party actually requested that he stay behind closed doors and not get involved because the platform was so geared towards distancing the party from Bush’s lackluster eight years in office.  However, with the opening of his namesake Presidential Library, Bush has been back on the interview circuit.  And true to form after all these years, it didn’t take long for him to get himself in one of his infamous “bad choice of words” situations.

In this national interview with a prominent interviewer, as you will see, W gets asked, as you could imagine he would, about the recent Boston terror attacks and what he thought about it.  George got wound up explaining his emotions and thought process when he heard about it and how he wondered if it was another “cons–.”

Yeah, that’s right.  He almost said another conspiracy, like 9/11.  Laura, his wife, cut her eyes, and he cut it off just in time.  Now, we admit it is a terrible choice of words when you happen to be on national television, but conspiracy sites are running all over this as some sort of damning proof that George knew 9/11 was coming all along.  However, if you pay attention to the context, meaning what he said both before and after the slip of the tongue, it’s pretty clear that the “conspiracy” he was talking about was foreign nationals creating an elaborate plot to conduct an act of terrorism on American soil.

Yeah, if you play it and look at it the right way, it looks bad.  However, when he cut off the word “conspiracy” and Laura Bush gave him the “what are you doing, George?” glance, he was probably thinking “s**t, everyone’s gonna jump all over that if I say conspiracy” more than he was actually referring to what he knew to be a conspiracy in his own Presidency.

So, are we finding ourselves here at Common Sense Conspiracy in the precarious position of defending George W. Bush?  I guess.  However, that 9/11 deal was some shady stuff.  So, you never know.   It was almost as shady  as the Boston Marathon attacks, another “official story” that has more holes in it than the boat that the cops shot up where the boy was hiding with no gun.  Anyway, you be the judge.  Did W. spill the beans?  Or was he just making a very ordinary statement, given the circumstances and just happened to almost use a word that makes every conspiracy forum light up full blaze?