Why Were the Boston Bombing Suspects Still in Boston? Master Plan Until the End?

The biggest question in the story that we are being led to believe by authorities about the Boston Marathon bombings is how two young men could have so carefully orchestrated and executed a plan with so much success, but then appear to completely fall apart in the aftermath.

Tamerlon and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev seemed to have given little thought to what they would do after the bombings.  And that is kind of hard to imagine, considering the level of ingenuity required to pull it off in the first place.  In conspiracy circles, the desperate carjacking and robbing that led to the chase and manhunt (not to mention the death of Tamerlon at the hands of police) only bring up new questions.

The bottom line is that for some reason or another, these two brothers had no cognitive plan to get out of Boston after carrying out the attacks.  You would think if these guys were captured, they would be at least in another state, if not another country.  At the very least, you would expect them not to still be in Boston.  And yet, four days later and after having their photographs posted all over television by the FBI and Boston Police, they turn up right there at the scene.  In an act of desperation, because it was obvious that it would alert authorities to their location, they stole a Mercedes Benz for transportation and hit up a convenience store for some cash.  What the hell?

They couldn’t have arranged to have a car and a full tank of gas before Monday?  They couldn’t squirrel together a little bit of money for the endgame scenario?  They couldn’t have a plane ticket, a bus ticket, a train ticket… nothing, nothing at all.  There are three possible solutions to this.  Let’s examine them one by one.

First up, it is what it is.  These guys pulled this off despite being terribly dumb, and that’s how we’re here.

Second:  someone else was the mastermind behind this, and these brothers were just part of the plan or patsies.  They were suckered into going along with the plan with the promise of something (money, support) and then whoever was pulling the strings cut and run and left them with a real big problem.  This seems a fairly likely scenario, and you can bet that whoever that person out there is would be delighted to see police kill them both, erasing the trail.

Third:  the brothers were really planning on being on a suicide mission.  They had no plan for afterwards, expecting to be dead and gone.  For whatever reason, that didn’t happen, and then they were forced to think on their feet.  It is hard to understand how someone could plan a suicide mission like that and fail to kill themselves.  Only if the bomb malfunctioned would that seem to be likely, and we all know that this was not the case.

The questions and problems with this story continue, and if the final suspect doesn’t make it out of this alive, we may never know the answers to any of these questions.  And there could always be the threat that some other figure is still out there in the shadows to live to play this game another day.