Vice Prez Joe Biden Says Gun Owners Like Having Guns — “Like Driving a Ferrari”

While trying to drum up support for President Obama’s sweeping gun control measures that are opposed by Republicans and slowly but surely losing support from Democrats, Vice President Joe Biden made some startling comments about what is going through the minds of the average gun owner in the United States.  He also does some interesting math about how he and Obama’s policies would have surely saved lives at Sandy Hook if their measures were already in place.

The highlight of this interview that is getting so much attention is his comparison of gun owners to “driving a Ferrari.”  The insinuation is that some people like to have fancy, automatic weapons just because they are like cool sports cars.  Who knows, maybe a midlife crisis sort of thing?  In any case, many people felt like Biden’s comments didn’t exactly put his soaring intelligence in the best light.  And he managed to piss off hunters everywhere everywhere in one fell swoop.  Perhaps Biden should write material for upcoming episodes of SouthPark with his amazing ability to offend various groups of Americans at one time.  What do you think?