Suspects Were Going to Blow Up Times Square — No Gun Found in Boat Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Taken From

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was published this morning.  We were questioning the fact that it has been revealed that no gun was found in the boat that the Boston bombing suspect was hiding in.  We have left the story intact to show how we presented this part of the story.  Later today, while the media continued to ignore this fact that should have been at the top of every newscast, it is now revealed that the suspects intended to take seven bombs to Times Square in New York and detonate them.  In fact, that is where they were going when they hijacked a car and ended up in a chase and shootout with police.  While the gun story is still not being reported, now the news is filled with stories of Times Square, and in fact, they even broke into normal programming and held a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg to discuss it.  It is very convenient that another news story has stolen the limelight, isn’t it?

Here is our original story written just six hours ago…before anyone had heard anything about Times Square:

The mainstream media today revealed what should be a damning fact in the conspiracy world, and yet, you won’t see it as front-page news anywhere on television or the Internet.  Tucked away in a paragraph toward the end of an article that spotlights that Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has supposedly “acknowledged” his role in the terror attacks after sixteen hours of questioning, there is one little blurb that reveals that no gun was found in the boat that captured America’s attention for hours last week.

While the pundits debate silly things like whether Tsarnaev was read his Miranda rights before he made this supposed admission (does it really matter?), the same article reveals perhaps the most damning piece of information yet in this official story that has more holes in it than the boat that Tsarnaev was hiding in.

Why does it matter?  It matters because the official story hinges so much on Tsarnaev having a gun while he was in the boat.  Of course, if the official story had gone differently, it wouldn’t be that hard to say that the suspect ditched the gun somewhere along the way and it simply has not been found yet.  That would be a fairly believable explanation.  Except for the part where authorities say that the suspect repeatedly fired at them from the boat.  That he could have somehow disposed of the gun while lying in the boat in what would later be found out to be serious condition is simply not possible.  At best, he could have tossed the gun, which would have been seen by the hundreds of eyes on him or at least found in the relentless combing of the area after his capture.  It simply doesn’t make sense what they are telling us.  One way or another, it’s bad news for the authorities.  Either the suspect did manage to get rid of the gun somehow while the whole world was watching. Which makes them look even worse, as they had already let the 19-year-old kid slip through their grasp the night before in a chaotic event but still one that you wouldn’t think would result in someone escaping alive and well.  Now, they can’t find the gun the suspect had, according to their reports.

We all heard from the Youtube videos of the police firing at the boat that apparently there was a gunfight going on.  Now, it seems that perhaps the gunfight was one-sided.  When asked about this curious fact that no gun was found in the boat, officials declined to comment.

You don’t say?

Is anyone crying out about why we aren’t getting more answers to these sorts of questions, the ones that really matter the most in the aftermath of all of this?  No, only crackpot conspiracy theorists.  After all, to question the official story, no matter how ridiculous it gets, only proves that you are crazy, not that you have sense enough to understand that what we are being told does not fit in the timeline of events that we know to be true.

Does it mean that it’s a false flag staged terrorist attack?  No.  It could be.  It doesn’t prove that at all.  What it does prove is that the official story has holes in it, even more than we already thought, and with each passing day, another hole seems to develop.  Is it not much more plausible that there never was a gun in the boat and the SWAT team simply decided to take the suspect out and somehow failed at this, resulting in the situation we have now?  No one would have been upset with that explanation.  It’s perfectly understandable after all of the events that unfolded why the police would not want to walk up and shake the guy’s hand.  Instead, we have to get fed a bunch of “malarkey,” as President Joe Biden likes to say, when the real story might be just as easy to tell as the lies.

Then again, the lies might be entirely necessary, if this is only the tip of the iceberg.

We leave you with a civilian-filmed and posted video of the shooting that occurred at the boat.  A lot of shooting going on, and one thing we now know for sure.  Tsarnaev didn’t have a gun in that boat. That is by the authorities in the matter’s own admission.

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  1. This whole thing stinks like yesterdays dirty diapers.

    I myself care more about the the manhunt that required a military search and full shut down of a American city for one lone suspect. This is something that we as American citizens cannot ignore for the sure fact that if it happened once, it will surely happen again and maybe on a much larger scale. Then I want to see the people in the streets clapping, cheering and smiling like it was just some big block party that just happened.

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