BREAKING NEWS: The Streak Continues: Shooter Loose at MIT in Boston

Early reports indicate that a MIT police officer has been shot, and students are being told to stay inside.  The week of terror continues, apparently.  This is in Boston, where the terror attacks happened and where the FBI just today announced two suspects.  Chaos continues.  It is entirely possible that this is your average crime incident, and yet, in the wake of all this nation has endured this week, who knows?  Conspiracy theories are inevitable.

More information as soon as it is available.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  As the title indicates, the chaos in our nation continues.  There was a bomb threat in California tonight, and now, a police officer has been confirmed dead at MIT.  What does it all mean?  These seemingly random events are happening at a rapid clip.  Are the crazies coming out to “copycat” or hinge on what is going on or are we finally getting a dose of what the real world is like?  What do you think?