The Politics of Confusion — Republicans and Democrats Dance in an Identity Crisis

There’s a reason that Republican strongholds used to be Democratic ones a few decades back.  And vice versa.  It’s because the two-party system does a silly dance across history.  It’s kind of like the Earth spinning and revolving around the sun; it is always happening, but it’s not really noticeable day to day, week to week, and even year to year.  However, as much as the two-party system complains of this great divide between the parties, they inexplicably gravitate toward the opposite direction eventually, often leaving those who are lucky enough to live into their elder years confused as to just who they support (or adamantly supporting one side or the other that no longer has any cohesion with their personal values).

May we present to the court, Exhibit A?
May we present to the court, Exhibit A?

This is not a hypothesis; it’s fact.  If you look at history, the footholds of the each party change over, and it happens slowly in little nuggets so that no one even realizes it.  It has happened more than once.  We don’t have to sit here and list facts all day long to prove it to you.  Just a couple will suffice.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.  Say what?  Al Gore’s father filibustered against the Civil Rights Act.  Huh?  Abraham Lincoln… yeah, Republican too.  No way!

It’s simple.  It changes.  Why?  Because it has to in order for both sides to stay competitive.  In order to remain in competition for the throne, both parties are forced to concede different things over time, and when you look at the big picture, it leads to an almost complete reformation that closely resembles an identity crisis.

On a grander conspiracy scale, which we happen to like around here, it has an even deeper meaning.  The two-party political system revolves around keeping the people clearly divided.  Why?  Because if they weren’t, they might realize that they could rise up together against the government.  Illusion of choice is a powerful tool for keeping the minions in line, and the Democrats versus Republicans does it masterfully.  As a matter of fact, they do it so masterfully, that over 50-75 years, the average citizen doesn’t even really know which party they should belong to.  Most stick with whichever one they believed in earlier in life and vehemently accuse the other party of untold evils and the state of the nation, which is always the worst it has ever been when your side is not occupying the White House.  You then sit, bewildered that more than 50% of the people in the country could fall for the other party’s line of garbage but ultimately concede that you can’t do anything about it but wait until the next election cycle.  The winner is always the government…the system.

Look at what is happening right now if the past is not indicative enough.  Right now, we see signs of this happening before our eyes.  Think about it.  For the past couple of decades, the liberal Democratic Party has heralded itself as the party of tolerance and freedom.  They fancy themselves the party of equal rights.  But now, who is working so hard for the government to step in and control guns.  The party of freedom and tolerance is.  In the same breath, they preach marriage equality for homosexuals.  On the other side of the fence, Republicans have built up their platform as being anti “big government.”  And yet, they are against the gay marriage agenda, feeling that the government should be in on the most intimate of details, the bedroom.  And yet, even as they get accused of being the Bible thumpers in politics, they are slowly but surely reversing course on this.  Why?  Because the future is clear.  The Republicans are afraid that if they stay starkly against gay marriage, they’ll never make it back to the White House.  They are willing to turn on a core value of their platform if it will help them get back to power.  And so it begins.

Meanwhile, a bunch of Republicans will be sitting around, scratching their heads, wondering how on Earth they came to be pro-gay marriage.  Meanwhile, the liberal party of tolerance will be so happy to have won the battle that they will work even harder to suppress religion in every way that they can.  Despite the fact that the party is still made up overwhelmingly of religious people.

Things have changed...I guess.  But not really... at least not until next time we all sigh and say they've changed.
Things have changed…I guess. But not really… at least not until next time we all sigh and say they’ve changed.

The beauty of the two-party system is how it deceives people with such skill and grace that they can watch their beliefs compromised right in front of their eyes but still be adamantly against the other party.

Don’t worry.  Right now the Republicans are the ones making the most changes because for the moment, the progressive liberal movement is in power.  But America hasn’t really changed that much… the kind of change that all of these polls indicate doesn’t happen that quickly…virtually overnight in political terms.  Too much progressive liberalism during the Obama tenure will probably lead Americans to go back the other way, and then Democrats will do the same thing in the other direction.

The dance continues… Left, right…right, left.

Guess whose toes are always getting stepped on?