Terrorist Attacks at Boston Marathon — False Flag or Right Wing Extremists?





Today is the day a lot of us have been expecting for quite a while now.  Simultaneous explosions were detonated  near the finish line of the Boston Marathon about three hours after the first racers finished, injuring a hundred or more and killing at least two from what we know so far.  A third explosion was reported at the nearby JFK Library, and there have been conflicting reports that police have been conducting controlled detonations of “suspicious packages” all over the area.

The only positive thing about this so far is that the loss of life is low, but the injuries are reported to be gruesome.
The only positive thing about this so far is that the loss of life is low, but the injuries are reported to be gruesome.

Common Sense Conspiracy does not endeavor to compete with news outlets to report what has happened.  We give this summary and then begin to analyze what is happening further as we know that many of our readers and others will be very interested in what has happened here and what it might mean in the grand scheme of things.  However, Common Sense Conspiracy would like to say that these bombings are absolutely a despicable act, no matter who ultimately is found to be responsible, and our first action here is to offer our condolences and prayers to the victims and all those out there who are still anxiously awaiting word from their loved ones.

As this article is written, President Obama is finally going to speak on the events momentarily.  We will see if he reveals any new information.  However, everything has been totally tight-lipped.  The Boston mayor just held a news conference where he said effectively nothing at all.  The FBI has confirmed that they are treating this as a terror attack investigation, so that is some official confirmation of the obvious.  There is also word that  a “person of interest” is being held in custody, although they are currently being treated for serious burn injuries.

So, with so little information to go on from official sources, conspiracy websites and Internet forums are awash with theories and speculation.  The biggest matter of debate is not whether this is a terrorist attack (it most certainly is, no matter how you look at it), but who may be responsible.  At this particular time in our country, there are so many things going on that it is hard to even isolate what ideology this attacker or attackers may come from.  First of all, Islamic terrorists always come to mind.  With plenty of strife in the Middle East perpetually, it is certainly a possibility that this is an attack perpetrated by people representing Al-Qaeda or another Muslim terror organization.  Then, you throw in the volatile situation in North Korea.  There are a lot of people that have been predicting some sort of false flag operation for quite a while to potentially draw the United States into another war.  Then, on top of all these theories, throw in the possibility of domestic homegrown terrorism as well.  It has already been brought up even on the mainstream news the possibility of a “right wing extremist” group pulling a stunt like this.  In case you don’t know what that means, it is code for Republicans.

That brings up another chilling point about all of this.  Not only is it hard to even figure out who might be responsible, but it is hard to know what the significance of this particular event might have to do with it all.  After all, if you think about it, this day and location has several different underlying meanings that could play into this.  First of all, it’s April 15.  Tax day, as it is known to millions of Americans, and a day where those here in our own country that oppose the government are feeling particularly strong in their anti-government sentiments.  Then, throw in the fact that Boston was celebrating “Patriot Day” today; this could be a potential significance that might be of interest to Muslim or North Korean extremists.  Then, if you go the right-wing extremist route, it is Massachusetts, the first state to legalize gay marriage in America.  While other states have followed suit, Massachusetts definitely holds significance in the “marriage equality” debate.  Then, you throw in gun control and the terrible events at Sandy Hook.  It is notable that some families of Sandy Hook victims were present to be honored and remembered at the Boston Marathon.

The biggest question a lot of people have besides the obvious whodunit is about the timing.  People seem to think it would have been more theatrical if the bombs had been detonated right as the first racer passed the finish line, but the bombs didn’t go off until hours later.  However, in a race as long as the Boston Marathon, it is entirely possible that there were more people around at this point than when the first racers finished up.  The winners were obviously in stellar shape; many others come behind just to gain the monumental achievement of finishing the race.  Also, while information is still not clear, it may be that this time was the medal presentation, which would obviously bring more people to a centralized area.

At first, there was plenty of speculation that maybe this was an accident, perhaps a gas leak.  As a matter of fact, there was a gas explosion in Boston just a couple of weeks ago.  With information of the other explosion in a different location and the synchronized nature of the explosions, it became clear to everyone very quickly that we were probably dealing with a historical moment and another terrible act of terrorism taking place on American soil.  And it is significant… it is, of course, the first real act of major terror since September 11, 2001.

Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to watch this matter and you can expect plenty of articles on this as more information becomes available and more theories gain facts to back up their speculation.  We will also be anxiously waiting to see who the government ultimately blames for the attacks and what possible repercussions it might have in the political and international scenes.

EDIT:  Now, authorities are saying there is no suspect in custody.  Conflicting reports are running rampant today, much as in the aftermath of the London bombings and September 11 terror attacks.  It may take some time to start to get some cohesion to the stories.

The following video shows one of the explosions.  We caution you that there is some  disturbing images, so be aware before you click play.