SWAT Team Kills Hostage-Taking Gunman in Atlanta, Georgia — What a Grave Injustice!

Common Sense Conspiracy does not try to compete with the mainstream media or even some alternative news sources when it comes to reporting breaking news as it happens.  We see no reason to simply regurgitate the same information that everyone else is throwing out there, and because we have no inside sources (usually), we cannot possibly even know if the information is true.  Like our readers, we are left at the whims of the mainstream media and can only fact-check and offer our thoughts on these events afterward.  So, in this case here, we offer our standard disclaimer:  the following analysis of what happened today in Georgia is written in a tongue-in-cheek satirical style to make you think about some of the strange ways we as a society handle situations.  So, without further ado, here is our passionate defense of the gunman in Atlanta that took five firefighters hostage.

First things first, let’s review quickly what happened.  The firefighters responded to a call in a residence in Suwanee, Georgia.  One ambulance and fire truck arrived at the scene.  The apparent caller then took five firefighters hostage by gunpoint.  One was released after about a half-hour, while the other four were held for hours until the SWAT team announced that the hostage taker had been killed by authorities and all others involved were safe, and except for some small injuries, would be okay.

Certainly, we will hear more information about this as time goes on, but everyone is applauding the actions of the authorities and no one is speaking out for this poor gunman who did not receive everything he was entitled to.  See, the SWAT team, in a deplorable act of disrespect for this man’s rights, decided that the man’s right to 24-hour 7-day-a-week news coverage, a full manifesto, his day in court to claim he is insane, millions of dollars wasted on analysis by psychiatrists to argue whether someone that calls the paramedics and fire department for “help” and then takes them hostage is really crazy or just pretending to be crazy and whether which brand of craziness wins out is enough to allow that person to be entitled to sit in a prison and soak up years of taxpayer dollars to keep them alive for no reason or to soak up those taxpayer dollars receiving “treatment” for their mental illness in a facility despite the fact that there is no chance of them being released back into the public ever to show the fruits of the labor of receiving such treatment, the right to make a political statement either for or against gun control and to ignite a debate over mental illness and become a poster child for why the government must take action and infringe on the rights of all citizens because of the random acts of one “mentally ill” individual, and…

It just goes on and on.  This SWAT team taking this guy out has stopped our justice system from presenting us with yet another example of its clockwork nature.  I mean, this guy deserved a fair trial…to have American taxpayers (that incidentally fund the paramedics and firefighter services he called to take hostage) fund his defense… to have American taxpayers give him room and board and listen to lawyers argue about how he should be treated.  They took his right to sit in a courtroom looking stoned out of his mind, or to stand up and insult his victims’ families right up until the last moment (both have happened in similar circumstances here lately).

images-38Most of all, they took this man’s ability to take others’ lives needlessly.  Because of their insolence, he was not able to do whatever he was intending to do.  And then, there’s the “What If” scenarios… what if this guy was just making a point and was gonna let these guys go when he was heard out.

Just think of what a terrible message this is sending to people like this guy all over America who were contemplating doing something like this.  Now they might be deterred because they see that there might be a chance that they won’t be allowed to game the system to the max like they planned.  What a terrible message in the land of the free to make these types of people think that their right to mayhem and murder has been wrestled away by the acts of a SWAT team who prides itself on finding as peaceful of a solution to such situations as it can.

And the real shame, of course, that will probably be overlooked… Some defense lawyer will not get to bill hundreds of hours to the American taxpayers to try to get someone that everyone knows is guilty off for their crime.  Hold off on the vacation home for now buddy.

One thing is for sure.  The SWAT team in this city knows how to take care of business.  If only justice were so swift everywhere in America, maybe gun control debates and budgets would no longer be an issue.