School Teacher Fired for Giving Student Bible — When He Asked About It

Our question:  would the teacher have been fired if he passed the student a copy of this?
Our question: would the teacher have been fired if he passed the student a copy of this?

We all hear about the importance of education ad nauseum and the fact that many of the states in America are not providing a good enough version of it to students.  This has been tied to all sorts of reasons, from bad testing procedures to teachers not being compensated well enough to lack of funding.  In Phillipsburg, New Jersey, we see a perfect example of why teachers probably need to be compensated more than they are presently.  Not only are they dealing with a generation that is farther and farther away from the traditional family unit and values, but now, just answering simple requests can have them winding up terminated.

Walt Tutka filed a complaint with the EEOC in New Jersey over his firing over an incident he says happened in October.  A student expressed curiosity in something related to the Bible and Tutka made the grievous error of giving him a Bible to follow up.

What a bastard.  Surely his career should be ended for this offense.  This is America today.  A teacher is fired for giving a student a Bible like he handed over Fifty Shades of Grey.  Here’s the thing that is so disturbing about this.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy have long talked about the “war on Christianity” that seems to be taking place as the powers-that-be try to eliminate religion in their quest for a one-world government.  But even the most progressive anti-Christian Democrat in America should at least admit the Bible is a piece of literature.  Even if you think that it is a big fairy tale that just happens to be the most influential one ever written, it’s still literature.  To have a problem with a Bible in a school in an academic sense is taking it to the next level.  If literature of all sorts is now offensive to some group somewhere, I guess we’re going to have to ban every book there is.  Even the textbooks are probably offensive to someone, especially if they acknowledge that there religion ever existed anywhere in the world.

Proselytizing in the schools is a complaint that makes sense.  Yes, it’s not right for the teachers to be openly recruiting their students to Christianity.  Although, we would like to point out that in America, when someone says the word proselytize, it automatically means those damn pesky Christians.  The word actually applies to all religions, faiths, causes, and institutions.  Proselytizing is an attempt to bring someone to your side, not a evil word for Christians outpouring their thoughts and beliefs into the community.  So when we say that proselytizing should not be allowed in the schools, it doesn’t mean one religion or the other, one political party or the other, or one company or the other, trying to influence impressionable young children’s minds.  It means that it should be prohibited completely.  One good way to not proselytize accidentally if you are a teacher is to (gasp!) teach all sides of issues and let the students make up their minds for themselves.

The word proselytizing has become synonymous with Christianity, and yet, the word itself can take many different forms...
The word proselytizing has become synonymous with Christianity, and yet, the word itself can take many different forms…

For example, evolution versus creationism.  This debate has gone on for decades and isn’t any closer to one side really claiming victory over the other.  And no matter how bad they want to claim it, science still has not been able to offer up an incontrovertible proof that can defeat creationism once and for all.  Creationism, of course, relies on the Bible and beliefs, which also cannot be proven.  So, until science can find a way to truly win this battle for good, it’s only fair that to avoid proselytizing, teachers teach both without a real slant toward one or the other.  And it’s hard to teach one of those if you think the Bible is akin to pornography.  It also doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to ignore a huge segment of the population and the overwhelming majority of our politician lawmakers’ beliefs in school.  It’s hard to believe that that would fly, but in our politically correct society, we must try so hard to make everyone happy that we (as the old saying goes) end up making no one happy.

If the teacher is to be fired for giving a student a copy of the Bible, by the definition of proselytizing, he should also be fired if he gives a student a copy of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin.  Or a copy of the Quran. Or a Spiderman comic.  Because we definitely know Spidey isn’t real, right?