Reese Witherspoon and Al Michaels’ Arrests Defy Logic — The Lunacy of Celebrity DUI’s

Think Reese can afford a cab?
Think Reese can afford a cab?

On the same day, two of the most unlikely people you could think of managed to get arrested stemming from drunk driving.  First, it was Al Michaels in Santa Monica, and then Reese Witherspoon in Atlanta.

That’s right.  We said Al Michaels and Reese Witherspoon.

As for Al, it seems to be just a bad decision for the most part.  He barely registered over the legal limit and didn’t do anything outrageous or anything (otherwise known as “pull a Mel Gibson”).  Reese’s debacle was more interesting.  Apparently she was the passenger with her husband Jim Toth, also her agent.  He was pulled over and apparently pretty obviously wasted.  Reese, who we don’t know if was drunk too (although it seems fairly likely), decided to throw a hissy fit about her husband’s impending arrest.  After trying to get out of the car repeatedly not following the police officer’s orders, she then pulled the celebrity card.  She asked the police officer if he knew who she was (following his negative response with a “Well, you will soon” message that was true, albeit not with the intentions she had at the time she said it).  The police officer ended up handcuffing her and taking her in for disorderly conduct to complement her husband’s DUI.  Toth ended up being over two times the legal limit. to have the celebrity mugshot!  Did Reese have a flashback to "Freeway?"
Ah…got to have the celebrity mugshot! Did Reese have a flashback to “Freeway?”

While there is no real conspiracy here, this is Common Sense Conspiracy speculating and should be viewed more as a friendly public service announcement.  We’re not going to go on a tirade about why celebrities think they are above the law.  It may seem ridiculous to think that Reese Witherspoon would have thought that just throwing her name out there would help, but how many times do you think famous people like this get pulled over and nothing happens.  Believe me, it happens all the time, and because there is no arrest or consequence, no one ever hears about it.  And that’s not just picking on celebrities.  Police make judgment calls all the time out on the streets, and there are plenty of average everyday folks who have gotten off for something they shouldn’t have necessarily.  It happens, and police officers are human.  If their childhood hero is in the car when they walk up to the driver’s window, it may affect their judgment.  More importantly, it’s often the demeanor of the suspect that really plays in.  Witherspoon’s situation is an example, as well as the infamous Mel Gibson incident.  You can bet that if there was any chance that the situation was going to be resolved without someone going to jail, her temper tantrum eliminated any doubts the officer might have had.

Having said all that, the real question is why these celebrities insist on driving drunk when they have all the financial and social means in the world to not have to do it?  In the case of Al Michaels, it does just look like a bad decision.  And it’s reasonable to assume that while he is probably quite rich, he is not in the “money is no object” category that Reese Witherspoon and her agent are in.  Reese is a millionaire many times over; everyone knows it.  Can’t squirrel out a few bucks for a cab?  Or hire someone you know and pay them a halfway decent wage to come with you and be your designated driver?  Or just wait until you call and come pick you up?

That’s the absurdity of it.  While no one has to put themselves in a position like this, the bad decision still seems to be an even worse decision when you have an obvious alternative plan.  No one should ever drive drunk…we know this.  But in the case of the Mr. and Mrs. Toth, they chose to do this in spite of having options.  It isn’t like the alternative was to sleep in the car or the bench at the Greyhound Station.  They could’ve even easily sprung for a hotel nearby.  The list of things that they could have done goes on and on…and yet, this is what they selected, and Reese Witherspoon has always fostered a squeaky-clean girl-next-door type image.  This has to be a terrible example to her children and her fans around the world.

I wonder if Reese had been driving if her husband would’ve thrown a fit…assuming she was intoxicated as well.  It’s really hard to understand how this could have happened if she weren’t, and still, if that were the case, it makes even less sense why she would let her s**t-faced husband driver her around.

Don’t drink and drive, kids.  Even if you’re not an international celebrity multi-millionaire.  It’s not cool.