President Obama Sent “Suspicious Letter” — Intercepted by Secret Service

The Secret Service has now revealed that a “suspicious letter” was intercepted that was meant for President Obama.  Apparently there was a substance that alarmed officials although they are not saying that it was an attempt to poison the President at this time.  This comes on the heels of a similar incident with Senator Roger Wicker.  Wicker was sent a letter with poisonous substance ricin in the package.

Of course, all of this comes on the same week as the terror attacks in Boston.  Could this all be part of a planned offensive, or is this just some other entity taking advantage of the situation to try to spread more terror?

There is, of course, another option that will no doubt be examined here and on other sites.  Could this be more false flag pandering to spawn public outrage when the government does announce who is responsible?  If the group that executed the bombings also was linked to this incident, it may be even more likely to see military action as a result.

It is also noteworthy that now two letters have been delivered to members of different political parties.  There has been a rush to judgment by many that some extremist Republican or Tea Party group could have been behind the Boston attacks.  Yet, if these are linked, then whoever is involved seems to have equal disdain for all political parties.