President Obama Enters to Rap Music — “Not the Radical Young Muslim Socialist” He Used to Be?

At the 2013 White House Press Correspondents’ Dinner, President Obama decided to have some laughs, starting with him entering to speak to a rap music — namely “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled. The event was full of one-liners, but plenty of material for his detractors to latch onto as well. After all, with all of the allusions to Obama’s close relationship to Jay-Z, to use an overbearing rap tune as his entrance music had to make a room full of white-haired politicians blush. It’s all in the game, tho, right?
Obama did make a reference to himself not being the “strapping young Muslim Socialist” that he used to be.
What do you think? Has Obama toned down his Muslim Socialist ways? Or is this just the beginning?
In all fairness, it seemed to be an entertaining night of laughter and at least feigned good will between both political parties, and with all the hard work they’ve been doing not addressing any problems that our nation has, they certainly deserve an opportunity to let their hair down for an evening. Don’t cha think?
All they do is win.