Petraeus Joins CUNY as Professor — Why Do Some Adulterers Have to Quit While Others Remain?

Remember, Dave!  No emails!
Remember, Dave! No emails!

By now everyone knows the tale of David Petraeus, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, who resigned his coveted post after being torched in the mainstream media over an affair he had with his would-be biographer.  Here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we received a lot of emails about this when it was going on.  It seemed like conspiracy central, and a lot of our loyal readers just couldn’t understand why we weren’t reporting on this when it was a hot-button issue.

Well, the answer is simple, and it’s a battle cry around these parts.  Sometimes it is what it is.

The man got caught cheating on his wife.  The news broke publicly, and being in a high-ranking, very public position like he happened to be in, Petraeus made the, probably wise, decision to surrender his post and try to move on with his life.

Was there a conspiracy?  Well, duh.  Of course there was.  Everyone in America knows that someone worked very hard to make sure his affair made national headlines.  Like we said before, sometimes it is what it is, and in this case, there wasn’t anything to report on.  It was a conspiracy.  Somebody out there wanted to take Petraeus down.  They got some information, got something on him, and they took him down.  End of story.  Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t try to report the news, for a couple of reasons.  First, we don’t have the sources and reach that the mainstream media has, so we can’t present even a muddled version of the facts like they do.  Secondly, we can’t compete with them on the Internet in pure reporting of the news.  We know our place.  Our place is to analyze the facts and report on conspiracy theories and discrepancies that you won’t find out about if you strictly consume a diet of the mainstream media.  So, in this case, with nothing new to report and no particular problems with the “official” report of things, we chose to not include it on our site.

That’s just how we roll.

So, why now?  Well, David Petraeus has taken that first big step toward moving on from this crisis; he will now be a visiting professor at the City University of New York next year.  And you know what?  He’ll be a great, experienced voice that the students there will get to learn from, and he will no doubt enjoy being able to speak freely on America’s place in the world without the barometer of the federal government behind him.  So, good for him, and hopefully this will be a good position for him that is beneficial for all parties.  But once again, why now are we reporting this?  Well, there is one floating piece of theory out there that we hear about from time to time, and we thought we might ought to address it.  ‘Cause  you know, that’s just what we do here.

Bill's problems were a little different... his deceptions proved he could do the job of President better...after all, lying is 99% of it, right?
Bill’s problems were a little different… his deceptions proved he could do the job of President better…after all, lying is 99% of it, right?

The message of some of our readers is simple:  why was it appropriate for David Petraeus to resign from his position over an extramarital affair, but President Bill Clinton could just carry on his merry way after the same thing very publicly happened to him?  It does seem like there’s some discrepancies here.  First of all, would Petraeus have faced the kind of scrutiny that Bill did if he had chosen to try to ride it out.  Well, certainly, he would have.  The forces of nature in the mainstream media would have never left it alone.  But here’s the reality here.  Are you ready?

The fact that General Petraeus engaged in an extramarital affair may be a crucifixion of his morals, but what really cost him his job ( or would have had he not made it easier for his enemies) was his job.  He was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency!  You know the one that is busy trying like hell to intercept every last one of us’ private communications.  And yet, how did he get caught, when it was all said and done?  He thought he was crafty.  Instead of sending emails that might be traced, he had a single email account and left messages in the “draft” folder.  So, technically, the messages were never “sent.”  Then, the recipient, in this case, his secret lover, would log in to the same email account, and there the messages would be in the draft folder.  Genius, right?  Sending without sending.

Except it still gets sent, in a manner of speaking.  Bottom line:  the information got transmitted over the Internet.  Obviously.  She was able to open the drafts in a different location and read what he had written.  Meaning the information moved online, and once that happens, it can be traced.  Let that be a lesson to all of you would-be hackers or adulterers… ever watch one of those crime shows where the drug dealer guys refuse to communicate except in person out in a clear area under the sunlight?  That’s because if you talk on a phone, you’re on the grid.  If you type one instant message, one email, it can be traced.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that the world is watching your every move…it just means that if your name comes up later in some nasty stuff, don’t think for one minute they won’t know every Google search you typed in for the last ten years or more.  They will, and they’ll know quickly.  It’s not a matter of being able to access the information; it’s a matter of knowing what information they are looking for.

So what does all of this have to do with the curious predicament of Petraeus?  Simple.  He should’ve been able to write that last paragraph.  But he couldn’t.  He actually thought he was going to get away with that and those messages were untraceable.

If Bill Clinton had been caught because of something like that, it would probably not have changed the outcome.  But if you are the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, you of all people should know how to conceal your extramarital affair.

Basically, what we’re saying in a nutshell, is that if you are the director of the CIA and you can’t successfully arrange an affair with your biographer and not get caught…well, we don’t need you in charge of the CIA.

Too many people saw this as a moral issue.  Now, we’re not saying that moral issues shouldn’t play into this, but the real dilemma here is a practical application one.  Petraeus proved to the world that he wasn’t as sly as he thought he was.  Meanwhile, he oversees the most complicated, technologically-advanced spy organization in the world.  It wasn’t morals that caused Petraeus to have to go; it was embarrassment.  Not embarrassment because he got caught cheating on his wife, but embarrassment that he got caught at all.

So, what about Bill?  If you look back at Bill’s faux pas, you will find that what really hung his neck was the fact that Monica Lewinsky talked to a “friend” that was secretly recording her conversations.  This would figure prominently when it came to the surface.  But Bill covered his tracks; he couldn’t have known that Monica was running her mouth, and that someone with obvious political motivations had the foresight to record the conversations.

Bill Clinton got caught cheating by bad luck and mistrusting a woman.  David Petraeus got caught cheating because he didn’t understand the systems he was supposed to be in charge of.

At the end of the day, Bill Clinton will continue to be regarded as a regal, wonderful President of the United States.  However, because his wife Hillary is very active on the political scene, he has to be careful in his future playdates because he could further damage their political futures if he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar again.  David Petraeus will be a “visiting professor” at CUNY, probably collect a tidy salary, and will not have to worry about the intense scrutiny surrounding him from here on out.  He will probably now be able to execute an extramarital affair a lot easier and with little consequence.  So, winner:  Petraeus.