North Korea Missile Launch Imminent — Has the United States Already Lost in War with North Korea?

As news sources all over the world publicly indicate that the United States government and military believe that North Korea is ready and willing to launch yet another missile test over the next couple of days, the world braces to see where this war of words thus far will lead.  It is customary for North Korea to do some provocative things around this time of year in accordance with their own traditions, and most that know what’s up with Kim Jong Un and company believe he will at least go through the motions of a missile launch to bolster more “military superiority.”

The missile launch heard 'round the world?
The missile launch heard ’round the world?

If a missile were launched, as is expected, the mainstream media happily reports that United States missile defense systems would be able to calculate the intentions of the missile in minutes and be able to provide data that would give leadership all the information they need to decide on whether it was necessary to shoot the missile down.  No United States’ interests would ever be in danger, regardless of the intentions of North Korea, and there would also be plenty of time to act before the Japanese mainland were threatened as well.

Put simply, no big deal…nothing to fear.  We’ve got this under control.

Common Sense Conspiracy’s questions:  Has the United States already lost the war with North Korea?

We are reassuring our citizens that everything is okay even if Kim Jong Un launches a missile, but the very fact that we are openly expressing that there is some scenario where shooting the missile down would be inappropriate tells a lot about our resolve.  A true missile test would simply have the launch going into the ocean harmlessly.  However, there are more factors than that.  First of all, to conduct a “legal” international missile test, the first step is to issue sufficient warnings for people to get out of the way.  Where the missile is intended to go is to be clear.  Sailors should be alerted and given time to clear the area.  If North Korea gave such a warning, perhaps a case could be made to leave them be.  But United States’ sources have already said that after all of the rhetoric of the last couple of weeks, no one with a brain in their head expects any warning from North Korea. The launch, whether real or just a test, will be done with the intention of causing panic, at least for a couple of minutes.  And we, the most powerful nation in the world, are debating whether there is a scenario where we should just sit back and do nothing about it.

North Korea has threatened to “nuke” the United States.  The fact that this very statement could have caused as little chaos as it has is amazing.  Yes, many doubt Kim Jong Un’s abilities to go through with this threat.  And yet, shouldn’t the very threat itself be enough to incite anger, if not at least fear?

We live in a nation and world where a country can threaten to launch a nuclear attack on the United States of America, and we take it, laugh it off, and act as if nothing happened.

However, we took over a country because we thought their leader might have nuclear weapons and might be willing to use them if he did.

Today, someone threatens to nuke us, and we sit back and say “Let’s see how this develops.”

If North Korea launches a missile test or otherwise, there is only one solution the United States should be considering.  They should shoot it down, claim it publicly, and let it be a lesson and statement that we are done putting up with threats and attempts at bullying from a rogue nation’s corrupted leadership.  To let a missile test fall harmlessly in the ocean sends only the message that we are so adamant that we avoid war that we are willing to be a footstool to North Korea.  And if North Korea can attain that status, one can only wonder what message it might send to other world powers that have much more emphasis and sustainability than the likes of Kim Jong Un.

Are we saying that the United States should take on a full war with North Korea based on some crazy threats?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  We don’t have access to the intelligence that President Barack Obama and the leaders of our military do, so we aren’t educated enough to make such a decision.  However, we can say one thing:  what has already been done is enough of a provocation to make any and all tactics justified.

If China said it was going to nuke the United States tomorrow, would you still admire our sincere efforts at diplomacy?

Do we need a mushroom cloud to move to action?  And does it matter if a bluff is a bluff?  Or the real thing?

Wouldn’t one think that the reaction would be the same?

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