Mysterious Roof Walker Above Boston Marathon Photos and Videos Going Viral — No Information

Conspiracy sites all over the Internet are ablaze with photographs and videos that show a mysterious walker on a rooftop above the scene of the Boston Marathon explosions that are now obviously the results of a terrorist attack on American soil.  We have included the video below to let you see for yourself what people are talking about, and this video really shows the absurdity of it with its creepy music and no factual data offered whatsoever.

As this gets passed around the Internet at a frantic pace, there are a couple of things you should remember.  First of all, this was a photograph taken at the scene but there is no information indicating that this “roof walker” has anything to do with the bombings.  While it is a little chilling when you think about it in the context of what happened, the reality is that people often hang out on the rooftops to oversee the Boston Marathon.  It is an event, people, and you can bet this “mysterious” person is not the only one watching from above along the marathon route.  To think that this one person caught in a random photograph must have some foreknowledge of the event or be involved in some way is just an exercise in ridiculous speculation.  Quite likely, more photographs will surface like this with the same insinuations in the coming days.  This was just the first one out of the gate and is quickly going viral as people all over the world desperately search for answers in the wake of this terrible attack.